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Do you want to become an Australian Citizen? Are you eligible to be an Australian Citizen?

For all your answers, you should contact the Department of Immigration and Citizenship at either or by calling 131 880.

To become an Australian Citizen, you are required to meet a number of eligibility criteria including the taking of a citizenship test. Once you have met all the necessary criteria and approved for citizenship by the Australian Immigration Department, you must then make the Pledge of Commitment. The pledge is made before a person delegated by the Minister at a nominated citizenship ceremony.

Rockdale City Council holds Citizenship Ceremonies approximately every two months in the Rockdale Town Hall, except for the Australia Day Citizenship Ceremony, which is held at Depena Reserve, Dolls Point on 26 January. Australia Day is a particular favourite day for many new Australians to attend a ceremony and make their final commitment through taking the citizenship pledge. It is important to understand that ceremonies are a requirement and that waiting lists occur.

If you are interested, you must contact the Department of Immigration through the contacts listed above, as Rockdale City Council only host the ceremonies and is not responsible for determining whether someone is eligible to become an Australian Citizen.

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