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The City of Rockdale has a diverse multicultural community. In 2006, the ABS census showed that the population of Rockdale LGA was 92,126 and that 30,605 people represented were born in 34 identified countries other than Australia. The five largest community groups identified as having more than 2000 people were Chinese, Lebanese, Macedonian, Greek and New Zealanders.

The City of Rockdale embraces its multicultural heritage through the provision and enhancement of multicultural services and events. Council provides the following multicultural services:

CALD I Library I Festivals I Community Directory I Policy, Plans and Links

CALD (Cultural And Linguistically Diverse)

To open communication amongst the community, Council provides various programs in supporting and engaging the CALD community. Various language programs, events and festivals are organised by Council in recognition of opening language barriers. For further information on CALD programs contact Council on 9562 1800.


The Rockdale City branch libraries offer a great range of material that caters for the diverse nationalities throughout the Local Government Area.


Rockdale Council embraces multiculturalism through support and provision of multicultural celebratory festivals. Throughout the year many local organisations are supported by Council to celebrate their culture and engage the community. These festivals are a way for the diverse cultures to showcase their traditions as well as assisting the community in becoming harmonious in a multicultural society.

Community Directory

Council's community directory is a resource available to the CALD community. This directory is a detailed information resource listing of service providers that are located within or adjacent to the Rockdale LGA.

Policies, Plans and Links

  • Multicultural Policy
  • Rockdale City Council Celebratory Festival Policy
  • Multicultural Advisory Committee Terms of Reference
  • Rockdale City Council Community Profile and Atlas data
  • Multicultural Community Directory
  • Events and Festivals Page

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