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Rockdale City Council strives to provide a safe and clean living environment for the community. To be able to provide this type of environment to the community, Council works at building stronger partnerships with local authorities and organisations to implement successful programs and outcomes.

Local Government's role has evolved over time, it no longer just provides basic services, these days the community expectation requires it to be involved in the development of a sustainable and liveable communities which includes a vital role in crime prevention. Through reduced crime people feel safer in their own community and subsequently, have a greater quality of life.

Contributing factors to the community's fear of crime may include: people's personal experience of crime; being socially and economically disadvantaged and encountering conditions in the neighbourhood that are the result of criminal activity such as graffiti, vandalism and litter; or the ongoing presence of people intoxicated by drugs or alcohol.

For Local Government to succeed in creating vibrant communities, it must create areas where crime is low and a high sense of trust and ownership of the neighbourhood is maintained among the community. To provide a safe community, Council needs to be informed on current issues and trends that are viewed negatively by the community. Part of successful communication to identify these types of issues depends on the community contacting Council and their local police.

Rockdale City Council and the NSW Government is committed to reducing crime, and in helping everyone to understand their role in tackling crime at a personal, community and state-wide level.

The following Community Safety Security Assessments are designed to help business owners, residents and visitors to assess the security of the community. It covers potential areas of vulnerability, and provides suggestions for adapting your security to reduce the risk of crime.

Furthermore, NSW Police have compiled a checklist for:


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