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Youth Council

Rockdale City Council Youth Council is a council that assists Council with identifying issues affecting young people and provide advice on possible solutions. The youth council representatives also assist Rockdale Council to promote, organise and contribute towards key community events for young people with the objective to promote positive images of young people in the community as well as recognition of the contribution young people make to community life.

Membership term is for 12 months with the composition of 17 members represented by local schools, local residents and administered by Rockdale City Council. For further information on Council's Youth Council, phone 9562 1666.

Health and Wellbeing

Youths are faced with enormous life challenges and not all decisions are easy. There are many services and activities accessible to youths within the local government area of Rockdale. Some of these services are delivered at a local level and some are the more recognisable large organisations. Council, where possible, supports many services and activities that are available to youths. It aims to enhance the lives of young adults by providing quality infrastructure and access to services. A St George Youth Info Card has been developed for the youth of the area.

Community Services

If you are a youth or a parent/carer and need community/social service information, many service providers who specialise in service delivery programs and projects cover the St George local area. There are youth specific organisations or government organisations that delivery services at a local level. To find out more about services available check out the Community Directory (LINCS).

Leisure Activities

Leisure activities or unstructured play opportunities available in the City of Rockdale are wide. Council has various open space areas for barbeques, celebrations and get togethers. With access to Botany Bay, leisure activities are not limited to the land. There are various water activities also available such as fishing, swimming, skiing, sailing and paddling.

Council also provides purpose-built recreation facilities for the youth of Rockdale. An example of this is the Bicentennial Park Skate Park located at West Botany Road, Rockdale. There are also cycling tracks that are a great and safe alternative to riding on the road.

There are specific not for profit organisations located throughout the City of Rockdale that provides excellent leisure activities to the youth community. These organisations include YMCA, Shopfront and PCYC. To find out more on service providers in the area, check out the Community Directory.

Sport Activities

There are various types of sports actively played within the City of Rockdale, for all genders, religions and ages. Council provides public land for sporting clubs to access, allowing for the sport participation to occur. To contact your local sport club click here to view the sports directory (LINCS).

Sport participation is not necessarily limited to playing the game. Youths can get involved in a volunteering capacity such as helping with the running of the club, coaching, time keeping, umpiring and even first aid administration. Many state sporting associations support sports clubs by providing free training to the volunteers. To find out more about a sporting association, visit the NSW Sport and Recreation website.

Events and Festivals

As a service to the community, Council run or promote in partnership, local events or festivals. To find out more about local events click here.

Skill and Learning Development

Homework help is offered by Rockdale Library to assist youths in Year 4 - Year 12. It is an interactive web based tutoring program that aids and assists homework problems facing students. For more information on the service contact Rockdale Library on 9562 1821 or click here.

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