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Water Safety

In Australia, we have the best beaches in the world. There are 11,915 beaches surrounding our island continent, Australian beaches are commonly separated by dominant headlands, reefs and inlets which create picturesque and sometimes dramatic landscapes.

Lady Robinson's Beach is one of the most popular unpatrolled beaches in Sydney, offering usually calm conditions, as well as four tidal pools, backed in places by extensive Cook Park.

Some may think that all beaches are the same, but this is far from the truth. Consider a tropical white sand beach with no waves and tranquil clear water leading to a coral reef. Then compare it to a black sand beach, covered in large pebbles and pounded by huge surf. This section teaches you a little about what makes these beaches different, and how they change over time.

Whilst parts of Lady Robinson's Beach seem calm, there are a number of different currents along the entire beach.

Rip currents are the number one hazard on Australian beaches being responsible for a number of drownings each year, as well as being the cause of many rescues. Rip currents often lead to drowning when swimmers attempt to fight the current trying to swim directly back to the shoreline, become exhausted and begin to panic.

Rip currents can also be deadly for non-swimmers as a person standing in waist deep water can be dragged into the deeper waters of the rip current, where they can drown if they are unable to swim and are not wearing or holding a flotation device.

Practice water safety

  • Learn to swim
  • Learn CPR
  • Be familiar with pool depths, rescue devices and potential risks
  • Never leave children unsupervised. If they're in the water, get in the water with them
  • Keep a phone nearby for emergency callouts; not for distracted conversations
  • Never assume someone else is watching the kids
  • At the beach or river, be familiar with water/surf conditions and changes in the weather
  • Swim in supervised areas
  • Remember, even a couple of inches of water can drown a small child or toddler

For information on water safety visit these sites:

Royal Life Saving National Drowning Report 2015
Surf Educators International
SEA Australia
Water Safety NSW
Find out ways of improving water safety
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