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General Information

Residents in the Rockdale City Council Local Government Area are not required to vote at the NSW Local Council Elections scheduled for Saturday 10 September 2016.

Elections for Council will be held in September 2017. Council encourages residents to check online their voting status.

Voting is compulsory for people enrolled in areas where elections are being held and fines apply for not voting.

Council comprises fifteen councillors, who are elected for a four year term. The Mayor is elected annually by the councillors.

Rockdale City Council, like many other councils, in the past has engaged the NSW Electoral Commission (NSWEC) to organise and conduct the Council elections.

The Process

Local Government elections and by-elections are conducted in a legal environment in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government 1993 and the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005. Council chose the NSW Electoral Commission (NSWEC) to conduct the 2012 Council elections to ensure that the elections are conducted independently and impartially.

An independent Returning Officer is appointed by the NSWEC to conduct the election on behalf of and under the direction of the Electoral Commissioner.

The Electoral Commissioner appoints the polling places for council elections.

Information is available on candidates, pre-polling places and polling places on the day of the election.

Each Council is required by law to meet the costs of the conduct of its election.

Residents of Rockdale City

All residents of Rockdale City local government area are entitled to vote at local government elections if they are registered on the electoral roll. Voting is compulsory. Electors enrolled for Federal and State elections are automatically enrolled for their local Council area.

To find out how you can enrol to vote, contact the Australian Electoral Commission on 13 23 26, or obtain an enrolment form from your local post office.

Non-Resident Electoral Roll

If you are an owner, rate-paying lessee or occupier of rateable land which is not your primary residence, you or a nominee may be entitled to be enrolled on the roll of non-residential owners of rateable land or the roll of occupiers and rate-paying lessees for this election.

If a claim for non-residential enrolment was made for a previous Council election, and you wish to claim enrolment for a future election, you must re-apply. Claim forms must be completed and lodged with Council by a pre-determined date prior to an election.

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