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Bexley Swimming and Leisure Centre

Public Exhibition and Engagement

At its Meeting of Wednesday 7 December 2011, Council reaffirmed its commitment to the Bexley Swimming and Leisure Centre Proposal and resolved to progress the Proposal to public exhibition and engagement for the period between Tuesday 13 December 2011 to Friday 2 March 2012.

The results of the public exhibition indicate a high level of community support for the proposal. A total of 1,657 submissions were received, of which:

  • 96% of respondents support the pool proposal
  • 92% of respondents support the proposal unreservedly
  • Only 2% of respondents opposed the proposal

All of the submissions received have been compiled in this Feedback Report.

Feedback from the community was received via:

  • online and hardcopy feedback forms
  • written submissions
  • feedback via the St George & Sutherland Shire Leader (local newspaper)

We received feedback from:

  • Residents of Rockdale City
  • Users of the pool who live within and outside of Rockdale City
  • Students, teachers and principals of schools who use the pool
  • Major swimming bodies and associations

The Proposal

Council is proposing to redevelop Bexley Pool to provide the community with a state-of-the-art aquatic and leisure centre.

The proposed Bexley Swimming and Leisure Centre comprises:

  • New outdoor 50m competition pool with seating and shade structure
  • Indoor Leisure pool (Children's Play Pool)
  • Indoor 8 lane 25m lap pool
  • Indoor Program pool (warm water exercise/learn to swim)
  • Spa, sauna and steam room
  • Creche
  • Community space
  • Gymnasium and fitness area
  • Kiosk
  • Change rooms and amenities
  • Administrative rooms
  • Plant room

Internal View 1 - click image to enlarge
Internal View 2 - click image to enlarge

This fact sheet has more information.

External View 1 - click image to enlarge
External View 2 - click image to enlarge

Design Plans and Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet - The Fact Sheet provides an overview of the Proposal
Interior View 1 - See a computer generated image of the Indoor 8 lane 25m lap pool
Interior View 2 - See a computer generated image of the Indoor Leisure pool (Children's Play Pool)
Exterior View 1 - See a computer generated image of the new outdoor 50m competition pool
Exterior View 2 - See a computer generated aerial view of the Bexley Swimming and Leisure Centre
Concept Design Plans - See the Site Plan, Basement, Ground & First Floor Plans, Roof Plan and Sections and Elevations.

Feasibility Report

In December 2008 Council resolved to investigate the various measures that can be taken to improve the Bexley Swimming Pool facility and the type of services that can be introduced to be of national standing.

Residents were invited to participate in a Bexley Pool Reference Group to assist in consultation with pool users. The Reference Group consisted of:

  • Community representative
  • Rockdale Swim Club representative
  • Public School representative
  • High School representative
  • Bexley Pool operator

Council engaged TompkinsMDA Architects to assist Council and the Bexley Pool Reference Group by providing expert advice in the feasibility and design of swimming pools and aquatic and leisure facilities.

The work involved:

  • Site surveys
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Environmental investigations
  • Community needs assessment
  • Feasibility study
  • Parking analysis
  • Detailed costing
  • Detailed designs
  • Computer generated external and internal images
  • Sustainability design options
  • Consultation with the Reference Group
  • Consultation with key user groups
  • Consultation with aquatic centre operators, and
  • Research into contemporary swimming centres in NSW and interstate

The goal of all the research and investigations was to design a facility that would cater for the broadest possible swimming and leisure needs of the Rockdale community, all year round and at a sustainable whole of life cost. The Feasibility Report and its Appendices are available below:

Feasibility Report

Appendix A - Geotechnical Report
Appendix B - Environmental Investigation Report
Appendix C - Aquatic Engineering Report
Appendix D - Option 1 - Bexley Pool Reference Group Drawings
Appendix E - Recreation Planning Report
Appendix F - Option 2 - Consultants Drawings
Appendix G - Option 2 Costings
Appendix H - Car Parking Analysis
Appendix I - Option A - J Concept Drawings
Appendix J - Stakeholder Evaluation Ranking Sheet
Appendix K - Concept Design Plans - Bexley Swimming and Leisure Centre
Appendix L - Sustainability Options Report
Appendix M - Bexley Swimming and Leisure Centre Cost Estimate

Exhibition Locations

A paper version of the Concept Design Plans, Fact Sheet and Feedback Form are available at the following locations:

  1. The Council Administration Building - 2 Bryant Street, Rockdale
  2. All Council's Libraries
  3. Onsite at the Bexley Swimming Centre - 96C Preddys Roads, Bexley

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