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Parks & Playground Improvements (archive)

2014: Cook Park and Depena Reserve | Beach Reserves | Dowsett Reserve Playground | Dowsett Reserve | Tindale Reserve
2013: Ador Avenue Reserve | Rathbone Place | Cahill Park | Pemberton Reserve | Hestlehurst Reserve | Cook Park | Cahill Park | Depena Reserve
2012: Decorative Mosaics, Brighton Le Sands | Coolibah Reserve | Cook Park and Depena Reserve | Cook Park, Solander Street Carpark | Scott Park, Sans Souci
2011: Bexley North Library | Broadford Street Playground, Bexley

Cook Park & Depena Reserve
Picnic Shelters and Barbeques

Provision of a total of 3 large picnic shelters and 2 twin barbeques with shelters within Cook Park at Kyeemagh and Ramsgate Beach. Replacement of all aging barbeques with 4 new shelters over new twin barbeques, and installation of 3 new large picnic shelters throughout Depena Reserve.

Completed: November 2014
Location: (various) Kyeemagh, Ramsgate Beach and Dolls Point
Construction Cost: $320,000
Project Team: City Projects

Cook Park, Kyeemagh and Ramsgate Beach, and Depena Reserve
Picnic Shelters, Barbeques, Barbeque Shelters, Coal Bins and Bollards Installation

New twin barbeques with shelters, and new picnic shelters, are currently being installed in Cook Park at Kyeemagh and within Depena Reserve. All existing barbeques within Depena Reserve will be progressively removed. A twin barbeque with shelter and picnic shelters will also be installed at Ramsgate Beach.

Coal bins have recently been installed at several locations within Cook Park. These are designed for hot coal collection from portable barbeques.

Bollards are also being installed at several key locations along Cook Park and within Depena Reserve to restrict access by private vehicles.

Construction works are scheduled for completion by mid November 2014.

All enquiries in relation to these works can be directed to City Projects by calling 9562 1784.

Dowsett Reserve

Demolition of existing playground and a new location for the proposed playground.

Construction of new playground with sand softfall. Play equipment for multiple ages: swing set with standard & toddler seat, balancing circuit, spinner, bike rocker, multi-person spinner and multi-play piece with slide & climbing net.

Furniture includes: bench seat with back and armrests, water drinking fountain and sandstone seating walls.

Perimeter concrete cycle 'Dinky' track to provide cycle and scooter circuit. The Dinky track is connected to a new footpath constructed along Todd Street (separate project but constructed at the same time).

Planting of 9 new trees including Lilli pilli and Paperbark to the north and west of the playground.

Completed: Thursday 30 October 2014
Location: Dowsett Reserve, Todd Street, Kingsgrove
Construction Cost: $130,000 (incl. $48,000 CBP grant)
Project Team: City Projects

Dowsett Reserve, Kingsgrove
Playground Upgrade

The playground at Dowsett Reserve was recently removed to allow for the construction of a new, larger and safer playground, featuring exciting and varied play equipment to provide a range of play experiences for children.

New seating will include two low sandstone block walls to allow carers to sit and watch their children at play. A new water fountain will provide further amenity to the park. A new footpath running along Todd Street will link to a new playground circuit path for smaller children, and to Caroline Street.

Started: September 2014
Completed: October 2014
Location: Todd Street, Kingsgrove
Construction Cost: $96,000
Project Team: City Projects

Tindale Reserve
Embellishment with the Demolition of 31-33 Short Street, Carlton

Council acquired the properties at 31-33 Short Street, Carlton as a part of a long term strategy to increase open space at Tindale Reserve. The two properties were safely removed by specialist contractors in March 2014. The area was leveled and turfed following demolition of the buildings, increasing the reserve size by 7% to 1.8 acres. This now completes the proposed expansion of Tindale Reserve.

Completed: March 2014
Location: Tindale Reserve, Carlton
Construction Cost: $35,000
Project Team: Technical Services

Ador Avenue Reserve
Field Restoration

The restoration of the playing fields at Ador Avenue Reserve was undertaken following an unauthorised dumping of contaminated fill at the site. A thorough investigation was completed to assess the level of contamination and to determine the mitigating actions required in order to reinstate the field back to its intended purpose. The field was then redesigned and works commenced on creating the new levels, and the provision of a water service to enable potential ongoing irrigation to the reserve. Finally 12,000m2 of new turf was laid and the field establishment process commenced in early August.

Completed: August 2013
Location: Ador Avenue Reserve
Construction Cost: $480,000
Project Team: Technical Services

Rathbone Place, Bexley

Refurbishment of an existing podium constructed by the RTA in 2000. The purpose was to open up the space and provide opportunities for events.

Works included:

  • Removal of bulky seats, notice board, semi circular planted area, and tree
  • Underpruning of existing trees
  • Installation of new purpose designed seating and paving to match existing, porous paving

Completed: August 2013
Location: off Oriental Street, Bexley
Construction Cost: $30,000
Project Team: Technical Services

Cahill Park, Wolli Creek
Sports Field Lighting Upgrade

The existing flood lighting around the Cahill Park Oval was installed about 40 years ago and comprised of 13 different types of lanterns which now no longer satisfy the latest Australian Standards for Sports Field Lighting. To address this situation, the existing poles and lanterns were replaced with 4 new 30m high poles and lanterns with improved lighting levels to satisfy the latest illumination levels of 100 lux.

Completed: September 2013
Location: Cahill Park, Gertrude Street, Wolli Creek
Construction Cost: $300,000 which included a $105,000 grant from the Office of Communities under the Community Building Partnerships Program
Project Team: Technical Services

Pemberton Reserve Playground
Refurbishment and Park Improvements

Old equipment was replaced with new swings, spinning and rocking elements, and a slide/climbing unit, suited to a wide range of ages. A shade structure was installed to cover the play space, and sand softfall provided that complies with safety standards and provides more play opportunities.

A new path was provided to link the playground with surrounding footpaths. 4 new all access picnic table settings replaced older settings throughout the park and a new shelter installed over one setting.

Completed: March 2013
Location: Pemberton Reserve, Ramsgate
Construction Cost: $110,000 (includes $50,000 CBP grant)
Project Team: Technical Services

Hestlehurst Reserve Playground
Shade Structure

A shade structure was installed over existing play equipment to cover the play space, following the loss of several mature shade trees.

Completed: March 2013
Location: Hestlehurst Reserve, Princess Street, Brighton Le Sands
Construction Cost: $25,000 (includes $12,800 CBP grant)
Project Team: Technical Services

Cook Park
Playground Fence

Existing pine log fencing was replaced with uniquely designed lasercut core 10 steel panels and timber frame fencing. 2 new access paths off the existing shared path, and 2 seats were also installed as part of the project.

Completed: March 2013
Location: Cook Park, opposite Banks Street, Monterey
Construction Cost: $30,000
Project Team: Technical Services

Cahil Park
Cricket Oval Picket Fence

The existing cyclone mesh fence was demolished and replaced by a more sustainable solution. A white picket fence was re-instated to give the park and much needed upgrade.

The fence is made of steel and has been coated with a special zinc-rich epoxy for added protection against corrosion.

Vandal-proof screws were used to keep vandalism to a minimum. 180o swing roller bearing hinges were used for the gates which are easily maintained and bears anti-tamper features.

Completed: March 2013
Location: 2 Princes Highway, Wolli Creek
Construction Cost: $76,500
Project Team: Technical Services

Depena Reserve
Shelter Refurbishment and New Path

Original low walls and supporting truss work was demolished and new posts installed to open up the shelter. A "window" opening was created to allow more light in, flooring resurfaced and new all accessible furniture of different sizes installed. Guttering was replaced and the whole shelter repainted.

A new path was provided to link the shelter with the playground/park entry to facilitate ease of access.

Completed: February 2013
Location: Depena Reserve, Sandringham
Construction Cost: $90,000 (includes $40,000 CBP grant)
Project Team: Technical Services

Decorative Mosaics, Brighton Le Sands

A significant new pedestrianised public space was created by the partial closure of Trafalgar Street at the intersection of Bay Street during the Thriving Town Centre upgrade in 2010. Two concrete and timber planter/seats were designed to accommodate the inclusion of decorative mosaics around all 4 sides of both planters

A mosaic artist was commissioned to develop sketch concept options. The mosaics were affixed to cement boards in the artist's studio, and then glued to the concrete planters.

: August 2012
Location: Corner Trafalgar and Bay Streets, Brighton Le Sands
Construction Cost: $25,000
Project Team: Technical Services

Coolibah Reserve
Stage 2

Stage 2 works - the existing weed-infested steeply sloping embankments were regraded and replanted with endemic native species and timber edging was installed

Stage 1 works - Stage 2 works complements earlier successful embankment regrading and mass planting works carried out in 2009-10 further downstream in the reserve, as well as wetland restoration works and installation of a filtration raingarden.

: June 2012
Location: Coolibah Reserve, Kyeemagh
Construction Cost: $85,850
Project Team: Technical Services

Cook Park and Depena Reserve

Bollards were required at these two locations to assist in controlling vehicles for improved safety, protect park assets and prevent anti-social behaviour and illegal dumping.

  • 340 hardwood bollards installed

Completed: May 2012
Location: Cook Park, Kyeemagh and Depena Reserve, Sandringham
Construction Cost: $75,000
Project Team: Technical Services and Operations

Cook Park, Solander Street Carpark
Off-road shared path link

This cycleway was designed so that it no longer conflicted with the carpark, making it safer.

Works completed:

  • Staged demolition of existing kerb and guttering allowing public path access at all times
  • Installation of new realigned kerb and carparking, with conversion of carpark from two way to one way system
  • Installation of new off-road path link along regional shared cycleway with 2 wheelchair accessible picnic tables, and 600L litter bin

Note: Native mass planting will be undertaken between the path and dune by winter 2012.

Completed: April 2012
Location: Cook Park, opposite Solander Street, Monterey
Construction Cost: $200,000 (includes NSW Government Grant funding comprising $85,000 through the Roads and Maritime Service and $50,000 through the Community Building Partnership program)
Project Team: Technical Services

Scott Park, Sans Souci
Riparian planting

The focus of this project was to restore the surrounding environment of the Scott Park salt marsh - an endangered ecological community and potential habitat for threatened and migratory bird species. Woody weed and exotic vines were removed and 3,500 endemic native plants installed in existing and expanded mass planting beds, site which has greatly improved the density and diversity of native riparian vegetation.

Completed: February 2012
Location: Riverside Drive, Sans Souci
Construction Cost: $53,000 (includes $30,000 grant and $15,000 in kind contribution)
Project Team: Technical Services and Urban and Environmental Strategy


Bexley North Library
External works and Shaw Street Reserve Playground

The project was constructed in 3 stages which involved the upgrading of existing access and leisure facilities around the Library.

Stage 1 - playground works

  • New shade structure over existing equipment, lifting of levels at rear of playground to address anti-social behaviour issues
  • New floodlights for passive surveillance at night

Stage 2 - library related works

  • Removal of deteriorating wooden pergola
  • Widening of entrance to library and laying of new concrete and granite paving to improve disabled access
  • New seating and litter bin

Stage 3

  • All-access graded path link from carpark to library
  • New line marking in carpark and relocation of disabled parking

Completed: December 2011
Location: Shaw Street, Bexley North
Construction Cost: $125,000 (includes $50,000 NSW Government Community Building Partnership grant)
Project Team: Technical Services

Broadford Street Playground, Bexley

The existing playground was demolished and fill imported to create an expanded level area enabling greater passive supervision.

Old equipment was replaced with new swings, a climbing net, spinning element, fitness bars, new seat and a litter bin. Existing shade posts were retained and expanded to fit a new sail installed to cover the larger play space. New sand softfall was placed that complies with the Australian Standard.

A floodlight was incorporated into a shade structure post for passive night time surveillance. The circulation path also acts as playground edging and small dinky track.

Completed: August 2011
Location: Corner Bayview Street and Parliament Terrace, Bexley
Construction Cost: $125,000 (includes $21,450 NSW Government Community Building Partnership grant)
Project Team: Technical Services

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