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Wolli Creek

Artist impression - development at Wolli Creek
Tempe House in foreground

Rockdale City Council's urban regeneration project at Wolli Creek is designed to transform a predominately industrial precinct into a high quality, high density urban environment for living, working and recreation. When complete, the Wolli Creek Redevelopment Area will be a vital community of some 6500 residents and 7000 workers.

Creating a New Community


Infrastructure work commenced in 2002. Existing roads and intersections have been upgraded to provide safe and efficient access to the Wolli Creek Redevelopment Area, including the Wolli Creek Railway Interchange Station.

New link roads and access roads are proposed to create a better road network for the area. These include a new link road from the Princes Highway (opposite Gertrude Street) to Arncliffe Street, a new link road from Levey Street (opposite Gertrude Street) to Marsh Street, a new link road from Lusty Street to Guess Avenue, and a new link road from Princes Highway (opposite West Botany Street) to a new mid-block access road. The northern end of Lusty Street has been renamed Magdalene Terrace. Maps of the proposed link roads and access roads are contained in the Wolli Creek Draft DCP - Part 3 - Movement.

The Wolli Creek Redevelopment Area currently has some well-established regional open spaces such as the Cooks River foreshore, Wolli Creek Wetlands and Cahill Park. These spaces can be better utilised with possible future linkages to external regional open space including Waterworth Park, Kendrick Park, Tempe Reserve and the proposed Alexandra Canal redevelopment. The acquisition of land for new or extended open space areas have also been identified within the areas including land for the Lusty Street Reserve, Town Park and extension of Cahill Park along Gertrude Street. The Discovery Point site and grounds of Tempe House contain publicly accessible open space areas and Tempe House and the Cooks River foreshore. A map of the proposed open space areas is contained in the Wolli Creek Draft DCP - Part 2 - Vision, Aims and Objectives.

New Homes, New Jobs


By the end of 2004, Council had approved approximately 1850 residential units and 70,000 square metres of commercial/retail floor space in the Wolli Creek Redevelopment Area as summarised below:

  • Meriton Apartments Residential Development

    Located on Bonar Street, the Meriton development comprise a total of 550 units in three developments- Sorrento, Carena and Terrazo.

  • 'Discovery Point' Mixed-use Development

    Located around the new Wolli Creek Interchange Railway Station, this development comprises some 1000 units and 55,000 square metres of non-residential land use of which about 14,000 square metres will be retail. It features approximately 3.5ha of open space and includes the restoration of historic Tempe House (1836), St. Magdalene's Chapel (1888) and surrounding gardens, grounds and foreshore. Construction is currently underway on sites 1 and 2, and Tempe House.

  • Multiplex's 360 Mixed-use Development

    Located in Arncliffe Street and Magdalene Terrace, this mixed-use development comprises of approximately 290 units and 14,000 square metres of commercial floor space. Stage 1 of the project is complete.


Streetscape Design Manual

The Streetscape Design Manual outlines proposals for the enhancement and upgrading of the streetscape in Wolli Creek. It describes how the streets and public spaces will be developed.

A 3D scale model of the Wolli Creek Masterplan area has been prepared and can be viewed at Council's Administration Centre.

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