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Arncliffe Town Centre

Arncliffe Town Centre
Public Transport and Parking
Local Businesses
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Arncliffe is a village centre adjacent to the railway station and is one of the few centres in Rockdale City not intersected by or on a major arterial road. The centre has Firth Street as its main street and the shopping area also follows along Belmore Street.

The centre is located in a mostly residential area featuring low density housing and some medium density town houses and a growing number of residential towers approaching Wolli Creek. There are also some areas of commercial and light industrial developments.

Arncliffe was one of the first locations to be upgraded by Council under the ongoing Thriving Town Centres initiative.

Serviced by a supermarket and variety of shops, future residential redevelopment on the eastern side of the railway line will see the centre maintain and grown in its vital commercial and social role.

Council has a comprehensive Community Profile based on the latest census.

Arncliffe Town Centre

Arncliffe Town Centre Map

Public Transport and Parking

Trains: Sydney Trains
Buses: Sydney Buses
Parking: Time restricted on street parking spaces
Cycling and Walking: On-the-go map

Local Businesses

Arncliffe has a wide range of general retail and service stores:

- Library
- Post Office
- Newsagent
- Caf├ęs
- Bakery

- Chemists
- Doctors
- Dry Cleaners
- Take Away Food
- Discount Store

- Supermarket
- Dentist
- Hair & Beauty
- Halal Butcher
- Real Estate Agents

- Florist
- Physiotherapist
- Restaurants
- Fruit and Vegetables


Arncliffe's name comes from a small village called Arncliffe in North Yorkshire, England. The name appears in the Domesday Book of 1086, as 'Arneclif', meaning Eagle Cliff.

From being an area frequented by several Aboriginal clans, land grants in the 1820's and 1830's saw the area as farmland and this was followed by a series of changes with the impact of heavy industrial activities such as sewerage farms, and then significant residential and industrial activity after the development of the rail line in 1884 and up until the end of the Second World War. Post war immigration brought a new dimension to the area as several waves of immigrants each brought a changing social landscape.

An 1885 sketch of Arncliffe of the view over Arncliffe Railway Station

Historical Photos and Articles

Rockdale City Historical Film Footage

Civic Pride

Arncliffe Men's ShedWith the goal to build better communities, 3Bridges Community who operate the local community centre on Forest Road create opportunities for people to improve their living, learning and community participation.

Through the centre, the rich and diverse community of greater Arncliffe has access to a variety of activities and services such as antenatal classes, children's workshops, parenting programs, Arncliffe Men's Shed and school holiday activities.

3Bridges Community also provides a range of home and community care services to support the elderly, the frail aged and people with a disability to live independently at home.

What's Happening in Arncliffe


The public toilet facilities have been modernised and now provide facilities for parents to change babies.


Please visit Council's Events page for activities in the wider City.


A small section of on street parking on Firth Street has been removed near Done Street to improve safety where the footway was well below the street level.

Community Facilities

Arncliffe LibraryArncliffe Library (free Wifi)
Opening hours

Library Events


Arncliffe Community Venues

Arncliffe Coronation Hall

Arncliffe Meeting Room

Arncliffe Seniors Meeting Room

Public Toilets

Council Services in the Town Centre




Manual Sweeping


Street Sweeping

Week Days

Street Litter Bin Collection

Daily Mornings

Drain Cleaning

Inspected Annually
Works as required

Dumped Rubbish Collection

As Required


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Tree and Garden Maintenance

Weed Spraying

As Required

Tree Trimming

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Garden Beds General Maintenance


*subject to availability of resources on any given day

Your Thoughts on Arncliffe

If you would like to provide feedback on your local area, please feel free to contact the Rockdale City Council Town Centre Manager on 9562 1758 or email or use our Facebook page or Twitter @RockdaleCityNSW.

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