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Bexley Town Centre

Bexley Town Centre
Public Transport and Parking
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Bexley is a local village centre along Forest Road, a major arterial road, in a traditional 'ribbon' development style from Frederick Street in the north to Dunmore Street in the south. Light industrial developments are located on Forest Road between Bexley and Hurstville, but are slowly being replaced by medium-density residential.

In recent times a small cluster of wedding related businesses has emerged.

Council has a comprehensive Community Profile based on the latest census.

Bexley Town Centre

Bexley Town Centre Map

Public Transport and Parking

Trains: Sydney Trains - Bexley North Station and Rockdale Station
Buses: Sydney Buses
Parking: Parking on Forest Road (clearway restrictions) is supplemented by free 3 hour parking at the rear of the shopping strip in a number of at street level car parks in Albyn Street, 2 hour angle parking in Oriental Street and a car park off Stoney Creek Road that has both 3 hour and day long parking bays
Cycling and Walking: On-the-go map

Local Businesses

Bexley has a wide range of general retail and service stores:

- Library
- Dentist
- Halal Butcher
- Take Away Food
- Jewellers
- RSL Club

- Bank
- Bridalwear
- Laundromat
- Bakery
- Newsagent
- Hotel

- Post Office
- Photographers
- Hair & Beauty
- Florist
- Osteopaths

- Doctors
- Supermarket
- Caf├ęs
- Hardware
- Restaurants


James Chandler was granted 1200 acres of land in 1822 which stretched from what is now Bexley North to most of Rockdale and Kogarah. The estate was heavily timbered and a track that ran through the centre, used by timber-getters, is today called Forest Road. Chandler was a well respected citizen and became known locally as the 'Squire of Bexley'.

Forest Road, Bexley c.1950

Unfortunately, this property also attracted bushrangers, escaped convicts and other unsavoury types and Chandler, not happy with his ill-assortment of neighbours, sold the land to Charles Thompson in 1836.

Several farms were established during the 1830s and some housing was built from the 1840s, with residential subdivision in 1856. Growth, especially of large homes built by wealthy merchants, occurred from the 1880s, with development spurred on by the opening of the railway line in 1884. As with other areas around Bexley, significant growth occurred in the interwar period and continued through to the 1940s.

Historical Photos and Articles

Rockdale City Historical Film Footage

Civic Pride

WALCA staff and clientsOne of the major service providers in Bexley is the Work And Leisure Centre for Adults (WALCA). A group of dedicated and multilingual professionals care for and enrich the lives of people with multiple exceptionalities and diverse needs.

Leading the team is Lorna Parker, an active local community member whose genuine concern and enthusiasm is reflected in the scale and diversity of WALCA's activity and the way her staff and clients embrace and embody Bexley as a caring community providing opportunity to learn and grow.

What's Happening in Bexley

Ron Rathbone Place Improvements

Ron Rathbone Place, at the street close of Oriental Street with Forest Road, was refurbished in 2013 to provide a renewed passive recreation area with improved access for daily use by people in wheel chairs and their assistants.

The new design also allows the space to be used for small performance groups and civic gatherings such as the annual Local History Prize.


The Annual Ron Rathbone History Prize is scheduled to be held at Bexley in 6 September 2014. In previous years, the Bexley Chamber of Commerce has held a Spring Fair in the centre in September.

Please visit Council's Events page for activities in the wider City.

Library Events

During the rebuilding of Rockdale Library, Bexley Library will be open 5 days per week.


There are no changes to traffic conditions at this point in time.

Community Facilities

Bexley Community Centre

Bexley Branch Library
Opening hours

Public Toilets

Council Services in the Town Centre




Manual Sweeping


Street Sweeping

Week Days

Street Litter Bin Collection

Daily Mornings

Drain Cleaning

Inspected Annually
Works as required

Dumped Rubbish Collection

As Required


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Tree and Garden Maintenance

Weed Spraying

As Required

Tree Trimming

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Garden Beds General Maintenance


*subject to availability of resources on any given day

Your Thoughts on Bexley

If you would like to provide feedback on your local area, please feel free to contact the Rockdale City Council Town Centre Manager on 9562 1758 or email or use our Facebook page or Twitter @RockdaleCityNSW.

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