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Wolli Creek

Wolli Creek Town Centre

Wolli Creek Town Centre
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Wolli Creek is a major area of urban renewal and was named after the waterway on its northern border. The creek was originally known as Woolly Creek, quite likely because the reeds in the water gave it a thick, woolly appearance. The area became predominantly industrial until a redevelopment was planned in the late 1990s.

The new suburb was to be called North Arncliffe, but residents in the area petitioned the Council to conduct a vote to select a better name. Wolli Creek was the most popular choice. Wolli Creek railway station opened in 2000. Wolli Creek was officially declared a suburb in 2002.

Council has a comprehensive Community Profile based on the latest census.

Wolli Creek Town Centre

Wolli Creek Town Centre Map

Public Transport and Parking

Trains: Sydney Trains
Buses: Sydney Buses
Parking: Over 175 off street parking spaces are available in 2 car parking areas.
Cycling and Walking: On-the-go map

Local Businesses

Wolli Creek has a wide range of general retail and service stores:

- Post Office
- Supermarket
- Real Estate

- Hair & Beauty
- Dry Cleaners
- Locksmith

- Medical Centre
- Restaurants

- Caf├ęs
- Bakers


Wolli Creek Valley (undated)

The original inhabitants of the area were tribes of Indigenous Australians. There is evidence to suggest that these people belonged to the Gweagal, Bidjigal and Cadigal clans. Valleys of local creeks, Wolli Creek and Bardwell Creek contain evidence of Aboriginal presence in smoke-blackened caves.

Reuben Hannam, a brickmaker, was granted 100 acres of land in 1825 along the banks of Wolli Creek. His son, David Hannam, obtained a 60 acre grant near the Cooks River in 1833 directly behind the Tempe estate. Alexander Brodie Spark purchased the estate on the Cooks River in 1826 and built Tempe House in 1828. This part of the suburb is today known as Wolli Creek.

Historical Photos and Articles

Rockdale City Historical Film Footage

Civic Pride

Sarah Melody, Community Development Facilitator"It's all about community engagement" says Sarah Melody, the Community Development Facilitator at Wolli Creek. Sarah's mission is to serve the local community by providing safe, fun, educational and interactive opportunities for the residents of Wolli Creek promoting harmonious living.

Sarah works for Connections Community Development, a not for profit people focused organisation with a vision to facilitate and create rich vibrant communities. Connections are an established provider of innovative and customised community development models within new and evolving residential areas of Sydney.




What's Happening in Wolli Creek


Continuing infrastructure works associated with improved drainage as the area develops remains a significant priority. As more commercial space becomes activated, a number of programs are being developed to engage residents and improve the activity of the streetscape and communal areas.


Community Connections. Phone Sarah on 0477 002 473 or email

Please visit Council's Events page for activities in the wider City.

Library Events


A Traffic Study has been undertaken for the area.

Community Facilities

Public Toilets

Council Services in the Town Centre




Manual Sweeping

Week Days

Street Sweeping

Week Days

Street Litter Bin Collection

Daily (7) Mornings

Drain Cleaning

Inspected Annually
Works as required

Dumped Rubbish Collection

As Required


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Tree and Garden Maintenance

Weed Spraying

As Required

Tree Trimming

As Required

Garden Beds General Maintenance


*subject to availability of resources on any given day

Your Thoughts on Wolli Creek

If you would like to provide feedback on your local area, please feel free to contact the Rockdale City Council Town Centre Manager on 9562 1758 or email or use our Facebook page or Twitter @RockdaleCityNSW.

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