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Governance Framework

Rockdale City Council has adopted a Governance Framework. The Governance Framework is an overarching policy, or vision, that articulates the corporate approach to 'governance' within Rockdale City Council. Council's Governance Framework is found in the online Policies Register under Policies of Council.

Legislative Context
Rockdale City Council is governed by the Local Government Act 1993 and the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005. This Act and accompanying Regulation requires local government to be responsible and accountable for its own governance requirements.

The Council reports to the community on its future plans and its achievements against those plans. The Council also provides statutory reports to the Office of Local Government of the Department of Premier and Cabinet. These statutory reporting requirements are set out in Office of Local Government Circulars along with other legislative guidelines.

What is Governance?
In the broadest possible terms, governance can be defined as the process of decision making and the process by which decisions are implemented or not implemented.

Among the various definitions, the following one for public sector governance is relevant:

'… the set of responsibilities and practices, policies and procedures, exercised by an agency's executive, to provide strategic direction, ensure objectives are achieved, manage risks and use resources responsibly and with accountability.'

(as per: Australian National Audit Office and Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, 2006, Implementation of Programme and Policy Initiatives: Making Implementation Matter, Better Practice Guide, Commonwealth of Australia, Canberra, p.13)

Organisational governance is all about accountability. An effective Council governance system demonstrates accountability by:

  • clear objectives
  • an effective risk management system
  • the optimisation of organisational performance
  • ensuring Council and staff act ethically and lawfully
  • a transparent government, including wherever possible, the public disclosure of Council's decisions, actions and outcomes
  • a financial management system that ensures responsible and accountable use of Council resources

Governance Documents
Some of the key governance documents under the umbrella of the Governance Framework are listed below and may be found under Council Documents and the online Policies Register under Policies of Council.


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