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Rockdale City Council Meetings

Council Meetings

Ordinary Council Meetings of the former Rockdale City Council are no longer held.

The meeting agendas and minutes of the amalgamated Bayside Council can be accessed at

Agendas and Minutes

Before each Council Meeting, a Business Paper is prepared detailing the items that are to be considered at the Council Meeting. The business papers for Council Meetings are normally available on Council's website by the Friday prior to the Meeting. Printed copies are normally available to read in Council's Customer Service Centre at 444-446 Princes Highway, Rockdale and at all branch libraries by the Friday before the Meeting. Copies are also available on request through the Customer Service Centre.

Readers should be aware that the recommendations and notices of motion as set out in the Council Business Paper are simply proposals to the Council for its consideration. The Council may adopt these proposals, amend the proposals, determine a completely different course of action, or it may decline to pursue any course of action.

The decision of the Council becomes a resolution of the Council and is recorded in the Council Minutes. At Rockdale City Council, each individual item of business dealt at the Council Meeting and contained within the Business Paper, records the Council resolution for that item. The minutes of the Meeting are confirmed at the following Meeting of Council. Therefore for the most current business paper, while the Council resolution may be recorded for the individual items, these are draft resolutions (or decisions) only for confirmation at the next Council Meeting.

Before each Council Meeting, a Business Paper is prepared detailing the items that are to be considered at the Council Meeting. The Business Papers for Council Meetings are normally available on this website by the Friday before the meeting. To avoid excessive printing costs, interested parties are encouraged to view the business papers online. A limited number of paper copies are also made available at the meeting. Where necessary, printed copies can be requested via the Customer Service Centre.

Register of Planning Decisions

Under Section 375A of the Local Government Act 1993, the Council is required to keep a public register of planning and development decisions made at Council or Committee Meetings, and record the name of councillors who voted for and against the decisions. This rule applies to the following planning decisions:

  • Development applications
  • Environmental planning instruments
  • Development control plans
  • Development contribution plans

Advisory Committees

Council has established various advisory committees in order to assist Council in considering particular matters in more depth.

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