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Uncovering Rockdale's Migration Heritage Story

Rockdale City Council has launched a new book Uncovering Rockdale's Migration Heritage Story which celebrates the migration history of Rockdale since World War II (WWII) and explores the use of parks and reserves by migrant groups.

This book, written by professional historians Pauline Curby and Virginia McLeod, uncovers the story of migration to Rockdale in the latter half of the 20th century with a focus on outdoor public space.

The community of the City of Rockdale has altered dramatically since WWII and is now home to a population of which 45% were born overseas. The story of how these people interact with the public spaces of Rockdale is an important part of Rockdale’s heritage story.

This book includes interviews with migrants and reveals the community use and significance of Rockdale City's parks. It was made possible by the Australian Government's Your Community Heritage Program.

Rockdale City's has a rich and diverse multicultural heritage which is celebrated in this publication. It also promotes a new understanding of the use of parks and reserves in Rockdale LGA. It illustrates how important each community is to the shared heritage of our public places.

This book is free to download (PDF/8Mb) and read. A high resolution version (PDF/60Mb) is also available if you wish to print a copy/pages.

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