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Council's Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

One Community, Many Cultures, Endless Opportunity

Our Mission

To provide quality local government services that protect our environment, are respectful to our community's needs and are delivered in a financially, socially and environmentally responsible way

Our Values

Council demonstrates the following values in its work:

Working Together

  • We become stronger and work as one team
  • We are committed to common goals

    In our every day
  • We look out for workmates
  • We give each other a hand
  • We get in and work with whomever we need to do a good job
  • We are open and enthusiastic

Being Respectful

  • We value, accept and trust each other
  • We acknowledge individual talents and skills

    In our every day
  • We do what we say we will do
  • We are open and polite with our colleagues
  • We explain our decisions
  • We take the time to listen and understand others
  • We accept others for who they are
  • We do not tolerate bad behaviour

Taking Pride In What We Do

  • We are committed and passionate towards achieving results we can be proud of

    In our every day
  • We go home at the end of the day satisfied we did a good job
  • We talk positively about Rockdale and its achievements
  • We know where Council is going and our role in getting there

Recognising The Efforts Of Others

  • We recognise and appreciate the efforts of our people
  • We provide our people with opportunities to learn, develop and step up

    In our every day
  • We compliment and encourage each other
  • We regularly celebrate achievements

Showing Leadership

  • We can all be leaders who lead by example
  • We are calm, confident and committed
  • We help set direction and work with others to get there

    In our every day
  • We step up and follow through
  • We provide a positive role model for others
  • We make impartial and thoughtful decisions
  • We admit when things go wrong and work to solve the problem
  • We acknowledge and thank people who help us succeed

Being Creative

  • We have the freedom to share and explore new ideas

    In our every day
  • We have a go - and if it does not work, we accept it and try a different approach
  • We support each other to explore new ideas and ways of doing things
  • We have fun and get things done
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