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What is the role of Council?
Who is the Mayor/Councillors/State Member/Federal Member and how do I contact them?
Can I attend a Council meeting?
What do I need to speak on a matter at a public forum session?
Where can I find a Justice of Peace?
Council Trading Hours/Contact Details

How can I pay my Rates?
When are my Rates due?
How are my Rates calculated?
How can I advise Council of a change to my mailing address?
Am I eligible for a Pension Rebate?
How can I apply for a 603 certificate?

Development Applications

How do I register my dog and cat? (see also Companion Animals)
How do I change owners details/change of address details? (see also Companion Animals)
Are there any off-leash areas for dogs in the Rockdale City Council area?
What do I do if my animal is missing?
There is a dead animal on public space, can you arrange for it to be removed?

What day of the week is my garbage collected?
What day of the week is my recycling collected?
Will my garbage be picked up as normal on public holidays?
How do I order a domestic or recycling bin?
What do I do if my domestic garbage or recycling bin is damaged?
What do I do if my garbage or recycling bins are missing?
When and where can I drop off my green waste?
Where is our closest tip/waste transfer station and how do I contact them?
When is my next rubbish clean-up date?
How do I arrange to have additional rubbish removed from my property?
How can I organise for my green waste to be mulched?

Do I need approval to prune or remove a tree on my property? (see also Application to Remove or Prune a Tree )
Are any trees exempt?
Do I need Council permission to prune or trim branches of a neighbours tree which overhangs my property?

Hall and Park Bookings
How do I find out if the sporting grounds are closed in wet weather?
How do I book a community hall, park or sporting ground? What are the costs involved?
I want to have a wedding ceremony and/or photographs in one of the public parks

Resident Parking Scheme
What streets have a parking scheme?
How do I apply for a parking permit?

What can be done about neighbourhood noise including barking dogs?
How do I report a shopping trolley on the street? - call the Trolley Tracker Hotline on 1800 641 497
I think my car has been towed? Where has it been taken?
I have received a fine/infringement notice, who can I talk to about this?

Community Services and Safety
Can I obtain some information on Citizenship Ceremonies?
I would like some information on childcare facilities?
I would like some information on aged care facilities?
I would like some information on youth care facilities?
Could I have a list of schools in the Rockdale City Council area?
How can I arrange for Meals on Wheels service?

Roads and Footpaths
What can I do about a street light out?
How can I obtain permission to put a skip bin on the street?

Where are the local libraries? What are the opening times?

Environmental Health
Is there any education or courses I can attend on Recycling or Waste Reduction?
What can be done about neighbourhood noise including barking dogs? (see also EPA regulations)

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