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Sans Souci, Sandringham and Dolls Point


Sans Souci, Sandringham and Dolls Point are 17 km south of the Sydney’s CBD.

Sans Souci is an established residential area with several parklands and reserves and is bounded generally by Ramsgate Rd in the north, Botany Bay and the suburbs of Sandringham and Dolls Point in the east, the Georges River in the south and Rocky Point Rd in the west. Sans Souci is connected to Taren Point, in the Sutherland Shire, to the south, by the Captain Cook Bridge over the Georges River.

Sandringham and Dolls Point are bounded generally by Sandringham Street in the north, Botany Bay in the east and south and Waldron Street and the suburb of Sans Souci in the west.


Sans Souci, is a French term meaning ‘without care’, or in modern terms, ‘no worries’ and is mainly residential. A shopping strip is located on Rocky Point Road, near the intersection of Sandringham St, including the Sans Souci Shopping Village, fast food outlets and a post office. Another small group of shops is located at the intersection of Clareville Avenue and Russell Avenue, on the border with Dolls Point and Sandringham.

It includes Sans Souci Library, retail outlets, take-away shops and a café. Sans Souci also features two primary schools. Part of the suburb of Sans Souci is located in the Municipality of Kogarah.

Sandringham, originally known as Strippers Point in the 1830s, from the local occupation of tree-felling and bark-stripping, is a quiet residential suburb on the western shore of Botany Bay, at the mouth of the Georges River. The Georges River Sailing Club sits on the foreshore.

Dolls Point, takes its name from the geographical formation on Botany Bay. Dolls Point is a quiet residential suburb that has managed to maintain an uncluttered landscape. Its village feel makes it a family friendly neighbourhood. It is home to fine sailing, water views and abundant parkland.


Sans Souci
Bona Park, Clareville Park, Cook Park, Noel Seiffert Park, Scott Park, Kendall Street Reserve, Depena Reserve and the Baths.


Sans Souci
Development of the area dates from the 1830s when the first land grants were made, although growth was slow until the 1850s and 1860s. Catherine Cooper was the first to be given a 100 acre grant in the area in 1830, where she and husband, Robert Cooper Jr. built a home. The Coopers later operated a distillery there and the land was known as Charlotte Point and then Rocky Point.

Sans Souci took its name from a grand house built in 1853 on Rocky Point Road, by Thomas Holt (1811-1888), a wood merchant and politician, for his German wife. It was named after Sanssouci in Potsdam, Germany, the summer palace of Frederick the Great, King of Prussia. In the 1860s, Holt, who thought the area was too remote, sold his Sans Souci property to William Rust, who turned it into a popular hotel, despite its isolation.

A steam tram operated between Sans Souci and Kogarah in the 1890s which allowed people to enjoy bathing, boating and fishing. In 1937, a silent electric trolley bus was introduced, until 1959 that ran from Rockdale to Kogarah, Sans Souci and Dolls Point.

Michelle Ford - 800m freestyle champion at the1980 Summer Olympics, grew up in the suburb as did Kostya Tszyu - Boxer and two time world junior welterweight champion.

Sandringham and Dolls Point
Development of the area dates originally from the late 1800s, although little growth occurred until the 1920s. Significant development occurred in the post-war years.

William Rust, originally of Sans Souci, moved to Strippers Point in the 1870’s, renamed it Sandringham and built the Prince of Wales Hotel. As an ardent royalist, it is thought he chose the name to honour Edward VII, the Prince of Wales who in 1872 was also building a royal residence at Sandringham, in Norfolk, England.

Dolls Point was originally a deserted landscape, which was considered uninhabitable. The origins of the name are unclear but legend has it that it was named for an escaped convict who took shelter in the grim landscape to hide from the authorities.

Who lives here now?

These statistics are provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics latest Census for the suburbs of Sans Souci and Sandringham and Dolls Point.

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