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How Rates are Calculated

Your property is first categorised for rating purposes according to its usage. The category declared for your property is identified on each rate notice that is issued to you. If you do not agree with the category, or if you change the use of your property, you should notify Council in writing within thirty (30) days.

Your rates are then levied in accordance with NSW legislation calculated using:

1. The unimproved land value which is determined by Land and Property NSW. This land value is revised every three (3) years. The base date of the land value being used to calculate your rates is identified on your annual rates notice.

2. The rate in the dollar and/or base rates adopted each year by Council that is specific to your rating category.

Minimum Rates - Residential, Business and Farmland

Each year Council sets a minimum amount that will be levied for General Rates. The minimum rate is the amount that Council considers to be a fair and reasonable contribution for residents to pay towards the core services of Council.

What this means is that when calculating the General Rates due for a property, if the amount calculated is less than the minimum amount adopted by Council, then the amount due for payment is increased to the minimum amount.

At the end of the line item on your annual rates notice, the letters MIN will appear if you are being charged the minimum rate adopted by Council.

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