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Dangerous Dogs

A 'dangerous' dog is one which attacks or kills a person or animal without being provoked. Council can, by Order, place restrictions on a dog if satisfied that the dog is dangerous.

Dogs that are declared dangerous are subject to strict controls.

Owners of dangerous dogs must:

  • Contain the dog within a complying enclosure that is childproof
  • Erect signs on the property saying 'Warning Dangerous Dog' which are clearly visible from outside the property
  • Leash and muzzle the dog at all times outside of the complying enclosure
  • Wear a distinctive collar at all times outside of the complying enclosure
  • Follow other requirements as ordered by Council

If you have good reason to believe that a dog is dangerous, report it to Council for investigation by an Authorised Officer by calling the Customer Service Centre on 1300 581 299.

Dog attacks


Dogs that attack can be seized, unless the dog was provoked or was protecting someone. The owner of the dog may be held responsible for any damage to a person or animal their dog causes.


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