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Exercise Your Dog

Areas Where Dogs Can Be Exercised Off Their Leads

Council recognises and supports the physical and social benefits to our community and their dogs through the provision of dog exercise areas across the City of Rockdale. On Wednesday 2 October 2013, the Council adopted an Exercising of Dogs Policy that includes outlining the levels of dog access in public places, provides guidelines in creating dog exercise areas and describes roles and responsibilities for Council and dog owners/handlers.

The City of Rockdale has designated:

Off Leash Dog Exercise Areas

There are several areas across the City of Rockdale where dogs can be exercised off a leash provided they remain under effective control by a responsible person/s.

Each dog friendly area is clearly signposted with a bin. The level and type of facilities vary. Refer to map and detailed description of each location below.





Off Leash Times


Bardwell Valley

Sheppard Street Reserve. Entry from Pile Street or Wilsons Road

Unfenced open space

At all times



Kingsgrove Avenue Reserve, 15 Kingsgrove Avenue, Kingsgrove. Between Kingsgrove Road and Kooreela Street

Fenced park

At all times



Civic Avenue Reserve (Scarborough Park),
Civic Avenue, Kogarah

Fenced park (trial)

At all times



Portion of Frys Reserve, 1 Warialda Street, Kogarah

Fenced park with dog exercise equipment

At all times


Sans Souci

Portion of Bona Park, 46 Sandringham Street, San Souci

Partially fenced.

Fenced section is off leash and unfenced section is on leash

At all times within fenced section


For everyone's enjoyment and in accordance with the Companion Animals Act 1998 and/or the Local Government Act 1993, dog owners and/or persons responsible for dog(s) are required to act responsibly when using a declared 'off leash' dog exercise area. Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Dogs are permitted off leash within the declared off leash dog area only
  • Dogs must be on a lead outside the declared off leash area
  • Dogs must remain under effective control by persons 16years or older at all times
  • Dogs must be micro-chipped, registered and wear a collar with a name tag that shows
  • The name of the dog, the address and telephone number of the owner
  • Fill in the holes that your dog digs to avoid trip hazards
  • Consider residents and other users by keeping the noise down
  • A dog is not considered to be under the effective control of a person if the person has more than 4 dogs under his or her control. A person can not therefore have more than 4 dogs under their control in a designated ‘off leash’ area.
  • No organised dog activity (eg professional dog exercise groups and dog clubs) is permitted in the areas unless approved in writing by Council
  • Greyhounds, dogs declared dangerous and restricted breed dogs are not permitted
  • Persons responsible for their dog(s) must remove the dog(s) faeces as well as any associated litter and debris  
  • Report maintenance and/or regulatory issues to Council
  • Not take their dog(s) to the areas if they are not immunised and/or have a contagious infection or illness
  • Ensure their dog is socialised and/or comfortable around dogs and other people particularly children

On Lead Dog Exercise Areas

In accordance with the Companion Animals Act 1998, up to four (4) dogs are permitted on a leash and under the effective control of a responsible person in all other public areas; streets, wharves, jetties, parks and beaches, which are not otherwise, designated as off leash dog exercise areas or exclusion zones.

Exclusion Zones Dogs Where Dogs Are Not Permitted

Rockdale City Council at its discretion can prohibited dog access to areas administered under Section 632 of the Local Government Act 1993.

Dogs are prohibited in some parks, reserves, beaches and waterways for a number of reasons including the environmental sensitivities of the area and potential risks and conflicts in high use areas.

These prohibited areas will be sign posted and information provided online.

In accordance with the Companion Animals Act 1998, dogs are prohibited from the following areas at all times, whether on or off a leash:

  • Within 10 metres of children's play areas
  • Within 10 metres of food preparation/consumption areas
  • Recreation areas where dogs are prohibited in which the local authority has ordered that dogs are prohibited
  • Public bathing areas where dogs are prohibited in which the local authority has ordered that dogs are prohibited
  • School grounds
  • Child care centres
  • Shopping areas where dogs are prohibited
  • Wildlife protection areas

Some exemptions do apply to these zones

Exemptions To Exclusion Zones

A dog is allowed in an exclusion zone under the Companion Animals Act 1998 if it is:

  • In a place that is a food preparation/consumption area if the place is a public thoroughfare (such as a road, footpath or pathway)
  • In a school ground or child care centre if it is there with the permission of the person controlling the school ground or child care centre
  • Within a shopping area if it is there:
    • in a vehicle that is secured in such a way as to prevent the dog from escaping from it, or
    • with the permission of the person controlling the place, or
    • for the purpose of being taken to or from a pet shop, the premises of a veterinary practitioner or a similar establishment
  • A police dog
  • A dog that is an assistance animal being used bona fide by a person with a disability to assist the person
  • A corrective services dog


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