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The Two Step Guide

The Two Step Guide to Microchipping and Registering for Life

1. Microchipping

A vet or authorised person from an animal welfare organisation can insert a microchip between your pet's shoulders in a safe, quick and almost painless procedure. Inside the microchip (which is only the size of a grain of rice) is a number which can be read by scanners and used to identify your pet. Prices will vary for microchipping, so shop around.

2. Registering for Life

Microchipping alone does not register your animal. When you have your pet microchipped, your vet or authorised animal organisation will enter the microchip number on a Lifetime Registration Application Form and give it to you to complete.If you did not receive a form, call Council's Customer Service Centre on 1300 581 299 for a blank application form. These forms are in a triplicate format and cannot be downloaded from this site.

When you pay your registration fee, Council enters each pet's number and their owner's contact details into a database called the NSW Companion Animals Register. Only authorised people can access the Registry, and it is not linked to any other database.

Council recommends you keep your (pink) copy of the registration application form, in case you need to change the registration details.

How to Change Registration Details

If you need to change your contact details (for example, if you have moved and have a new address) fill in the reverse side of your (pink) copy of the registration application and send it to:

Rockdale City Council
PO Box 21
Rockdale 2216

Similarly, if you are about to take over the ownership a pet that has been lifetime registered, its current owner must fill in the reverse side of their (pink) copy of the registration application before you send it in to Council.

If they do not have this pink form, a blank form can be obtained by calling Council's Customer Service Centre (1300 581 299) or downloading it from the Office of Local Government's Companion Animals website.

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