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Pruning Trees

Council requires you to prune trees in accordance with the Australian Standard*:

  • Trees should be pruned to maintain their natural habit
  • When pruning a tree, as little as possible should be removed
  • Consideration should be given to the species, health, age, condition and location of the tree as well as the reason for pruning, location of the foliage to be removed and size of cuts
  • Care should be taken to avoid excessive pruning
  • All pruning should allow for natural distribution of foliage and weight
  • Lopping or topping (the cutting of branches or stems between branch unions that is, mid branch or at internodes of young trees) is an undesirable practice for the following reasons:-
    a) It increases the rate of shoot production and elongation
    b) The resulting re-growth is weakly attached and becomes prone to failure or collapse
    c) The stubs may decay
    d) The natural habit of the tree is destroyed
    e) It may reduce the life span of the tree
    f) It predisposes trees to fungal infections and insect attack

For branch removal the final cut shall be made as close as possible to the branch collar without cutting into the branch collar or leaving a protruding stub.

*Source: AS4373 (2007) Pruning of Amenity Trees

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