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Development Control Plan 2011

Trees Covered by the Development Control Plan 2011

Under the Development Control Plan 2011 (DCP2011), you must have Council's written consent before you do work on any tree (even if it is on your property) if the tree:

  • is more than 3 metres tall

  • or
  • has a circumference in excess of 300mm at a height of 1 metre above the ground

The DCP2011 definition of a tree is determined by the size of the tree (above). The DCP2011 only applies to "amenity trees", which are generally any trees grown for their environmental or aesthetic value (as opposed to a tree grown for its commercial value, such as the production of timber or fruit).

Tree work includes removing, pruning, cutting down, lopping, topping, and ring barking. The Development Control Plan prohibits wilfully destroying or injuring a tree in any way. Read our guide to Obtaining consent for tree work.

Trees Not Covered by the Development Control Plan 2011

You do not need Council's consent to cut down or prune a tree if:

  • The tree is no higher than 3 metres and has a girth of no more than 300 mm at a height of 1 metre above the ground
  • The tree is, in Council's opinion, dying or dead or has become dangerous.* (If such a tree is cut down or pruned without Council's consent, you may have to satisfy Council that the tree was dying or dead or had become dangerous. We recommend you obtain Council's opinion beforehand by making a formal application for consent to cut down or prune the tree.)
  • The tree is a species declared to be a noxious weed under the Noxious Weeds Act 1993
  • The tree is one of the following non-native trees: Angel's trumpet (Datura suaveolens), Coral tree (Erythrina indica), Lombardy poplar (Populus nigra italica), Rubber tree (Ficus elastica), Tree of heaven (Ailanthus altissima).
  • The tree is a fruit tree which may be affected by fruit fly, as identified in the Plant Diseases Act 1924.

While you don't need written consent to cut down a dead/dying tree, or one that is in danger of falling, we recommend you contact Council and arrange for the tree to be inspected first.

Read the Tree Preservation section of the Development Control Plan 2011 (DCP2011) in full.


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