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Rockdale City Council recognises the valuable companionship that pets provide for many people. They can be loyal friends, constant companions and sometimes even serve as our protectors. In return, they depend on their owners to make sure they are well-nourished, groomed, vaccinated and regularly exercised.

Agnes & Milo

Council encourages responsible pet ownership in the community, as well as at home. Pet owners should make sure their animals don't disturb their neighbourhood and threaten or harm any other person, pets or wildlife.

Around 80,000 dogs and cats are seized in NSW each year. Most are simply not cared for, others have been lost, hurt or stolen, and because Councils are unable to identify them and their owners, they are destroyed.

In 1998, the State Government introduced the Companion Animal Act, to protect pets, their owners and the community. The Act requires you to register your pet with Council.

Council is required to enforce the registration laws, and the other areas of pet ownership covered by the Act. In addition, Council provides other services to ensure the friendly cohabitation of people and animals in the city of Rockdale.

The Australian Companion Animal Council (ACAC), with the support of the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) and the ASAVA, has recently released the brochures, Renting with Pets and Tenants with Pets, along with Pet Application and Agreement forms. These brochures offer an informative resource to landlords considering renting to pet owners and provide simple steps and helpful hints to help prospective tenants secure pet friendly rental accommodation.

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