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Guidelines for the Keeping of Horses

Development Consent | Land Use Intensity | Location in Relation to Adjoining Properties | Prevention of Nuisance and Pollution | Environmental Protection | Welfare of Horses


Horses may be agisted in some land zones, subject to Council granting Development Consent. Intending applicants should make enquiries with Customer Service Centre to determine whether Development Consent is required.


The ratio of the number of horses in relation to the area of the portion of the land enclosed for the keeping of horses shall be not more than two horses per 1000 square metres. However, in some instances where properties are in close proximity to residences and/or contain significant remnant vegetation, it may be appropriate to reduce this rate in specific instances. The keeping of horses is to be for the care and feeding of horses only. Any further activities such as dressage training and working of horses will not be permitted.


The Local Government (Orders) Regulation 1993 specifies standards which Council may, by prior notice, serve on a person who occupies or is in charge of land where a horse or horses are kept. To meet Council's objectives to prevent nuisance, the following separation of horses from adjoining premises shall be maintained;

One horse kept on residential land shall not be kept within 9 metres of a dwelling, school, shop, office, factory, workshop, church or other place of public worship, public hall or premises used for the manufacture, preparation or storage of food. Council may require a greater distance where appropriate.


  • The keeping of horses shall not give rise to the creation of any nuisance
  • The yard shall be properly enclosed to prevent the escape of horses
  • Stables and yards shall be kept clean and the floor shall be impervious and properly graded to drain
  • Manure shall be collected at least daily. Manure not removed immediately shall be stored in adequate fly-proof bins that shall be emptied at least weekly
  • Fly control measures shall be implemented as necessary
  • Feed bins and water troughs shall be located as remotely as practicable from any occupied neighbouring premises
  • All practical measures shall be taken to prevent the emission of foul odours and dust from the property


  • Horses shall be separated by a minimum of three metres from creeks or natural waterways by means of an adequate fence, to prevent water pollution
  • All practical measures shall be taken to prevent manure or any other pollutant, from entering any stormwater drain or channel or any natural watercourse


The NSW Department of Agriculture sets standards relating to the welfare of horses in Riding Centres and Boarding Stables. Every person associated with the care and holding of horses are advised to obtain a copy of the Department's "Animal Welfare Code of Practice No. 3" produced by the Animal Welfare Unit of that Department.

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