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Assessment Process

Once a Development Application is lodged it follows a set process. The time taken for an application to progress will vary depending on the complexity and completeness of the application. An application that includes all relevant information and responds promptly to requests for additional information will help avoid unnecessary delays in the assessment process.

The following information outlines the stages involved in the assessment process.



Once a DA is lodged, Customer Service will complete data entry while Document Management will arrange for

  • An acknowledgment letter to be sent to the applicant
  • Notification to adjoining owners, and
  • Exhibition of the application (10 working days)



Upon completion of Application Administration, Rockdale City Council’s Development Assessment Unit receives the DA and commences the initial assessment. The initial assessment involves

  • A site inspection
  • Review of plans and documentation and
  • Identification of any referral requests required



The next stage of the assessment process is made of up 3 interrelated steps. To complete a proper assessment of the application, referrals and any additional information required from the applicant are reviewed and the application is assessed under the relevant legislation, including the Rockdale LEP and DCP



The assessment report is reviewed for accuracy, legal robustness and quality. A peer review confirms the recommendation and any proposed conditions are properly justified. The application can then be determined by Council, or by Council officers where the delegation exists



At the completion of the process, general file administration occurs, the approved plans are stamped and the consent documents are produced. Any objectors are notified of the decision

DAs with a greater level of complexity will be subject to a more extensive assessment process. This includes DAs involving designated development, integrated development, DAs requiring concurrences or threatened species consultation, DAs involving SEPP 65 (Design Quality of Residential Flat Development) panels, the Planning Assessment Commission or Joint Regional Planning Panels.

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