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Community Consultation

Council consults regularly on matters involving the broader community, neighbourhoods, particular demographics or user groups. Consultation is included in every City Plan program.

Notification of items for community consultation are posted on this website and published in the St George and Sutherland Shire Leader Newspaper on Thursdays as part of Council's Public Notices.

Letters may also be sent to relevant members of the community to notify them of Development Applications.

Neighbour Notification

Council must specify pursuant to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and Regulations, where and when public notification of a proposed development must be carried out.

Further to this process pursuant to Section 79C of that Act, Council must consider any submissions made in respect of a proposed development.

What will Council consider when forming an opinion that enjoyment of land may be detrimentally affected?

With all new development applications received, along with proposed amendments, Council will consider:

  • Views to and from the land
  • Overshadowing
  • Privacy
  • Noise
  • Visual quality of the building in relation to streetscape

Council will determine who may be detrimentally affected in terms of the above five criteria. Council may broaden the above criteria and extent of notification depending on the type and scale of development and following an inspection of the application site.

All submissions made in respect of an application must be in writing, addressed to the General Manager and clearly indicate name and address of person(s) making the submission and if the submission is an objection, clearly specify the grounds for objection and a completed Disclosure Statement of Political Donations and Gifts where Council or the Minister is the Approval Authority enclosed.

Offices Hours: 8:30am - 4:30pm any week day (except Public Holidays)

Plans relating to development applications are available for viewing at Council's Administration Centre at 2 Bryant Street, Rockdale.

Making a Submission

You are encouraged to let Council know if you think that a proposed development will affect your enjoyment or amenity. However, you do not have to make a submission.

Submissions may object to an application or support approval of an application. Submissions are not limited to land owners. As a tenant you may lodge submissions.

Submissions must:

  • Be in writing (email or fax is accepted)
  • Quote in the subject heading the application number, the address of the site and the assessment officer's name
  • Contain your name, address, contact phone number
  • Clearly state the impacts that the proposal will have upon the amenity of your property or residence, preferably in point form. Where possible make positive suggestions as to how the development could be improved
  • Be relevant (civil disputes between neighbours or private rights such as covenants cannot be considered)
  • Be with Council before 5pm on the closing date for submission (allow for postage delays)

Please note, in accordance with Council's legislative obligations for development application notification, all submissions will be uploaded in their original format onto Council's website for viewing with the associated development application and supporting documents.

Personal Information

The supply of personal information is voluntary. If personal information is not provided, Council may be limited in dealing with a submission. Submissions, summaries of submissions, and/or names and addresses of people making submissions may also be included in publicly available reports to Council.

Please note that, in accordance with section 18(1)(b) of the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW), you are advised that all submissions received by Council in relation to any matter will be placed on the appropriate Council file and may be disclosed to Councillors, Council Officers, consultants to Council or members of the public. Pursuant to section 12 of the Local Government Act 1993 the Council is obliged to disclose inspection of its documents, including any submission you may make. This includes the publication of submissions in full onto Council's website.

For more information on making a submission, download the NSW Ombudsman Fact Sheet No 2 (Unhappy about a proposed development?).

Making a Submission within the DA process

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