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Preparing Your Development Proposal

Before you start designing your proposal you will need to obtain information on how your property may be used and the restrictions on development. This information can be found in a S149 Planning Certificate. In addition, you need to know about Council land use controls, policies and guidelines that will relate to your proposal. Such controls are provided by the Rules for Building and Developing online planning tool and include the Rockdale Local Environmental Plan 2011 (LEP2011) and Rockdale Development Control Plan 2011 (DCP2011).

Before preparing a Development Application (DA) you should:

  • Check whether the proposed development is permissible
  • Check whether a DA is required
  • Check how Council's DCP affect the proposed development
  • Obtain copies of the information necessary to submit a DA
  • Obtain advice on the required DA fees
  • Refer to Council's Development Application Guide

Engage Qualified Consultants

Preparing a successful design is not a simple process. There are many factors to consider, and coming up with a desirable and effective design solution is not always easy. Depending on the scale of your development, you may need the services of a draftsperson, an architect and/or town planner to prepare the plans and Statement of Environmental Effects for your DA. Your consultants will be able to advise if you need to consider engaging other professionals such as a landscape architect, heritage expert, surveyor, traffic engineer or stormwater engineer.

Note: Contact the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) or the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) if you need advice as to a qualified planner or architect suitable for your proposed development.

Consult With Your Neighbours

Having understood the planning framework, you should also consider how your proposed development can achieve the most desirable outcome and minimise impacts on your neighbours and the surrounding environment. Consult with your neighbours as early as possible so that their concerns can be addressed in your design rather than in the DA notification/exhibition period where the issues may cause unnecessary delays.

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