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Fencing Around Building Sites

Site Safety Fencing

Is required to enclose a development site prior to commencement of works in order to protect the public from danger and to allow management of access onto the site. Site safety fencing is usually a condition of the consent and is also a requirement of occupational health and safety administered by work cover.

Sediment Fencing

The most efficient and widely accepted sediment barrier for construction sites is a specially manufactured geotextile sediment fence. Sediment fences act like dams trapping the sediment while allowing water to leave the site. They are effective in retaining suspended solids coarser than 0.02mm. They are simple to construct, relatively inexpensive and easily moved as the development proceeds.

Dividing Fences

Please note, Council approval must be obtained for all forms of fencing on heritage properties. You should refer to Council's DCP documentation at "Fences" for specific requirements for fencing that may apply in your area.

The Land and Property Management Authority (LPMA) is responsible for the administration of the Dividing Fences Act 1991. Please refer to the LPMA fact sheet for clarification.

For Further Information

  • See the LawLink website
  • Contact a solicitor
  • Contact the nearest Local Court or Community Justice Centre on (02) 9262 7844

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