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Getting Your House Heritage Listed

If you think your property has heritage value and should be a heritage item then Council would like to hear from you.

Firstly gather together any historical information that you have about your property and take some photographs of the property. Then email or send this information to Council with a description of why you think the property has heritage value. Please include your contact details in the letter.

Mail it to:
The General Manager
Rockdale City Council
PO Box 21
Rockdale 2216



Council's Heritage Advisor will then contact you to arrange an inspection of the property. Once the inspection is made a heritage assessment using the NSW Heritage Criteria will be prepared. You will receive a copy of the assessment when it is complete.

To make a property a heritage item it has to be included in the heritage schedule of the Rockdale Local Environmental Plan 2011. As this is a legal document it must go through a process which includes Council approval, advertising, and finally Planning NSW approval. Your property only becomes a heritage item when the process is complete and the amendment to the Local Environmental Plan is published in the Government Gazette.

If you would like to know more about heritage listing or any other matter relating to Rockdale Local Environmental Plan 2011, please contact Council's Place Outcomes Section on 9562 1666

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