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Getting Your House Listed

Heritage listed properties are increasingly sought after because of their unique ambience and character. Restored properties with an ‘old world charm’ are always in high demand and sympathetic improvements, in keeping with the existing buildings and streetscape, are likely to be advantageous.

Council initiatives

While owners of a heritage listed property are not required to carry out restoration of the building, Council does offer you help in doing so. Assistance includes:

  • The waiving of development application fees on any application for a heritage property where a development application is not usually required.
  • Consideration by Council of a range of uses for the property which might not otherwise be permitted in the zone (for example, use of a dwelling house for professional suites), where such a use will conserve the heritage item.

If you would like more information on the benefits of Heritage Listing, please contact Council's Urban and Environmental Planning Section on 9562 1666.


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