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Modification to Development Consent
(Section 96)

Once your development has been approved, if you wish to modify your development consent, you may make a Section 96 application under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, where these changes do not substantially change the development.

Under the Act, a Section 96(1) application is made to correct a minor error, misdescription or miscalculation. A Section 96(1a) application is made to modify a proposal that will have minimal environmental impact. A Section 96(2) application is made to modify the consent in other ways, such as more significant design changes or deletion of a condition of consent.

You will need to provide evidence that your modified development is substantially the same as the development for which consent has been granted.

It is recommended that you contact Council to discuss the modification before it is lodged. Council's Development Advisory Services Officer may be contacted on 1300 581 299 for further information including associated fees for this application.

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