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Planning Framework

The planning system in NSW has developed under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (the Act) and associated Regulations.

The Act enables a suite of planning documents to guide development in the State. This suite includes:

  • State Environmental Planning Policies
  • Local Environmental Plans
  • Development Control Plans

State Environmental Planning Policy

A State Environmental Planning Policy, or SEPP, provides development control for issues important to the State (including Seniors Housing, Affordable rental housing), or for geographical areas of significance (including Cooks Cove). The controls within a SEPP override Council controls for that area or development type.

Rockdale City Plan

The Rockdale Community Strategic Plan is the principal guiding document of the Rockdale City Plan and effectively sets the blueprint for the longer term goals and aspirations for the City of Rockdale.

Rockdale Local Environmental Plan 2011

The Rockdale Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2011 is the primary planning instrument for the City. The LEP establishes zoning and development controls including maximum building height and floor space ratio for development.

Rockdale Development Control Plan 2011

The Rockdale Development Control Plan (DCP) 2011 provides additional planning controls that complement the LEP. These controls include development specific controls (new house, child care centres, residential flat buildings) and issue specific controls (environmental management, signage).

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