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Section 94 Development Contributions

Council has a number of contributions plans that allow it to levy contributions from future developments in the City of Rockdale towards the costs of providing the additional public facilities and services required to meet the needs of those developments.

Rockdale Section 94 Contributions Plan 2004 came into effect on 1 June 2004. This contributions plan applies to the whole City of Rockdale and levies contributions from developments towards the following facilities and services:

  • Open space facilities
  • Community services and facilities
  • Public car parking within certain town centre
  • Town centre and streetscape improvements
  • Pollution control facilities
  • Additional infrastructure required for the Wolli Creek Redevelopment Area, including roads and traffic management facilities, flood mitigation and stormwater management facilities and pedestrian and cyclist facilities
  • Additional infrastructure and public facilities required for the Bonar Street Precinct
  • The costs of managing and administering the contributions plan

Ramsgate Commercial Centre Development Contributions Plan 2006 is a joint Section 94 Contribution Plan with Kogarah Council which came into effect on 19 October 2006 and applies to development within the Ramsgate Town Centre.

Rockdale Section 94A Development Contributions Plan 2008 came into effect on 1 July 2008. This contributions plan applies to the whole City of Rockdale and will require the payment of a fixed levy by those developments costing more than $100,000 that are not required to pay section 94 contributions. The levy will apply to certain types of residential and commercial developments, including:

  • New dwelling houses, including demolition and rebuilding dwelling houses
  • Major alterations and additions to existing dwelling houses
  • New retail, commercial or industrial developments or major alterations and additions to existing retail, commercial or industrial developments

The levies will be used towards the provision, extension or augmentation of public facilities and services within the City of Rockdale in accordance with the priorities set in Council's Management Plan.

You can print cost summary, detailed cost and exemption forms, complete, sign and bring them to Council's Customer Service Centre at 444-446 Princes Highway, Rockdale.

Voluntary Planning Agreements

The use of voluntary planning agreements is authorised and regulated by the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act and establishes additional means by which public amenities and facilities can be provided by developers at no cost to the community.

On 5 December 2007 Council adopted a Voluntary Planning Agreements Policy to regulate the way in which it will consider, accept and implement offers made by applicants for development or changes to environmental planning instruments to enter into voluntary agreements with Council to dedicate land, pay a monetary contribution or construct works or facilities for a public purpose.

The purpose of this Policy is to formalise the process and procedures around Voluntary Planning Agreements, provide advice and guidance to developers, and improve the transparency and accountability in relation to the use of Voluntary Planning Agreements for Council, developers and the community.

Council is required to maintain a public Voluntary Planning Agreements Register that identifies any planning agreement that applies to land within the City of Rockdale. The register may also be inspected at Council's offices during normal business hours.

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