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Under Council's Development Control Plan 2011 (DCP2011), you must have Council's written consent before work is done on any tree (even if it is on your property) if the tree:

  • is more than 3 metres tall, or
  • has a circumference in excess of 300mm at a height of 1 metre above the ground

Under the DCP2011, you must obtain Council's written consent before cutting down, pruning, ring barking, topping, lopping, or removing most types of trees. Heavy fines apply for breaching the DCP2011 and for injuring or wilfully destroying a tree.

While most trees are covered by the DCP2011, those that are not include species listed as noxious weeds and fruit plants listed as susceptible to fruit fly under State law.

When you apply for consent to prune or remove a tree, Council will take your reasons into consideration. Please note, however, that permission is usually refused if you are seeking to remove a tree simply because it is shedding leaves, bark, twigs, cones or fruit, or causing minor damage.

If you are unsure whether you need Council consent, read our Guide to the Development Control Plan 2011.

Any consent for removal or pruning of a tree in relation to a Development Application assessed by Council will be included as a condition within the development consent

More information is available here

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