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BBQ Coal Bins Along Cook Park

Portable barbecues are often a central feature of community gatherings in Cook Park. Unfortunately in order to cool a BBQ quickly, ash and partially used charcoal is often discarded and left on the ground adjacent to picnicking areas and water taps, posing a serious risk of injury, health problems and environmental damage, as well as unsightly degradation to popular and highly visible areas of the park. An increased instance of this activity in Cook Park prompted Council to source and install BBQ coal bins.

At the time this style of product wasn't readily available and what was available didn’t meet Council's high standards. A long process of research and development was undertaken, leading to the development of three prototypes and finally a product that met Council's strict safety and aesthetic guidelines. These bins have now been installed along the foreshore from Kyeemagh to Depena Reserve - eight (8) bins in total.

BBQ Coal Bin BBQ Coal Bin

The design has been so successful that other local Councils have adopted it. The bins are designed to allow simple and safe disposal of hot coals and ash. Coals can be dropped down a specially designed shoot that allows the hot coals to enter a separate concealed container to reduce the risk of heat transfer to the outer enclosure.

Servicing of the BBQ coal bins has been incorporated into Council's cleaning runs. Cleaning staff simply add water to the coals to ensure that there’s no possibility of creating an accidental fire before disposing of the waste.

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