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Wild Things - Native Bee Hive Program

Wild Things - Native Bee Hive Program
Did you know that 'honey bees' are an introduced feral species? While they are important for producing honey and as crop pollinators, they are in competition with our native bees and are not always good pollinators of native plants.

As a Council resident you can help support our local native bee populations by hosting a hive of native Tetragonula carbonaria bees, supplied by Council, in your backyard. T. carbonaria hives are quite small about the size of a shoe box and unlike honey bees, T. carbonaria don't sting. Once placed in the right spot in your garden, hives of T. carbonaria require very little maintenance and as Tim Lowe says, they are a great interest point to add to your garden and you will have your very own native pollinators right there in your garden.

If you are interested in hosting a hive of native T. carbonaria please add your name to the Native Bee Hive Program Waiting List by clicking the button below.

There are many resources on the web if you would like to learn more about these fascinating creatures and a new book 'The Australian Native Bee Book' by Tim Heard is available to borrow from the Rockdale Library.

Photographs courtesy of Flickr and Creative Commons, Eyeweed, Graham Wise, Robin Jay and Linda Rogan

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