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Scott Park

Protection and Preservation

Rockdale City Council has developed a number of projects and plans to protect, preserve and enhance our natural environment. Council's environmental performance is documented in its annual Supplementary State of the Environment Report 2010-2011.

In 2003 Council adopted an Environment Policy. The Policy ensures that continued environmental improvement is a prime consideration in all of Council's activities. The Policy provides a focus for addressing environmental objectives, procedures and plans. It highlights the fact that environmental management is the responsibility of all Council staff. Following on from the Policy, Council developed an Environment Plan, which outlines the projects Council will implement in the coming years to improve the environment of our City.

Bushland and Wetland Areas

Council helps to nurture and protect the City's bushland areas and the flora and fauna they contain by doing bush regeneration work, often alongside local environment groups. By cleaning and maintaining the City's stormwater system which affects our waterways and catchments (see below) and hence the Rockdale Wetlands and Recreation Corridor, Council protects the different species of wetland birds that live in the City. We also encourage local residents to be habitat friendly in their homes, gardens and everyday lives.

Council has constructed a new wetland at Scott Park. The wetland is located alongside Bado-berong Creek. The wetland provides salt marsh habitat for wading birds. Salt marsh habitat has been declining around the foreshores of Botany Bay for many years. This is an important initiative, ensuring that appropriate habitat is available to our wading birds.

Tree planting along dunes at Kyeemagh

Waterways and Catchments

To protect our waterways and catchments from one of the biggest threats they face, urban stormwater pollution, Council implements practical and long-term solutions to reduce, the amount of litter and other pollution entering our waterways via the City's stormwater management system. We also educate the community on how they can contribute to keeping our waterways clean.

Water Conservation

Water conservation has become an important issue over the last few years. As Sydney's population continues to increase and rainfall levels decline due to drought, pressure has grown on potable water resources. At Council, we are aiming to conserve water in our everyday operations.

Upper Wolli Creek Community Water Survey (CRSI)

Energy Conservation

In 2003 Council adopted two action plans to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions - the Rockdale City Council Corporate Greenhouse Action Plan, aimed at reducing emissions from Council's own activities, and the Rockdale City Community Greenhouse Action plan, aimed at reducing emissions from the activities of our residents. Council has reduced the City's greenhouse gas emissions substantially through the implementation of these plans.

Council is working towards a goal of a 20 per cent reduction of its internal energy consumption and that generated by the community by 2010. As well as reducing our own greenhouse gas emissions, Council aims to help residents and businesses reduce their emissions too. We encourage the community to explore ways of increasing their energy efficiency at home and we hope that those who are developing, building or renovating will consult our energy efficiency fact sheet before designing their home.

For more information about regional greenhouse gas reduction projects click here.

Air Quality

Rockdale City Council attempts to protect air quality by applying strict conditions on development and enforcing the Protection of the Environment Operations Act. Council also encourages residents to help improve air quality and reduce pollution in the City.

For more information about cycling in Rockdale click here.

Graffiti Removal Service

Council provides a Graffiti Removal Service to the residents of the City of Rockdale. The program is funded by the Community Safety Special Rate Levy and is part of Council's Safer City Program.

Council staff do regular inspections of the city to identify graffiti. In addition, Council encourages local residents to report any incidents of graffiti vandalism. Reported graffiti is removed within 72 hours and offensive graffiti within 24 hours.

To assist Council in its fight against graffiti, please report all graffiti to or by calling Council's Customer Service Centre on 1300 581 299. Other related information may be obtained via

Waste Services

Council's Waste Services help the community re-use its resources. By actively recycling and reprocessing as much waste as possible, we reduce the amount of rubbish sent to landfill areas.

Parks and Tree Planting

Open spaces such as parks and reserves are limited and must be carefully managed and preserved. Council prepares Plans of Management for the City's parks and open spaces to outline how the parks will be landscaped and maintained in the future. Council's commitment to the environment also includes planting native trees in streets and parks, many of which are grown at the Rockdale Community Nursery.

Development in the City

The environmental impacts of new buildings and development standards can be controlled by Council's plans and codes. Those planning any development in the City are required to lodge a Development Application, including a Statement of Environmental Effects, so Council can assess each project before it is begun.

Public Health

Council's primary role is to protect the health and safety of its residents. Council's public health services include inspections of local restaurants, building air-conditioners and swimming pools.

Pollution and Litter Control

Council employs Environmental Health Officers and Regulation Inspectors who fine anyone caught polluting drains, creeks or waterways (up to $250,000 fines can apply to individuals). Council's Regulation Inspectors regularly patrol the City and fine people or companies caught littering or illegally dumping rubbish (up to $8,000 on the spot fines can apply).

Backyard Burning Ban

Rockdale City Council was the first in Sydney to ban 'backyard burning' incinerators and open fires, to protect our local air from becoming polluted by smoke. Council fines those who disobey the law $500.

Street Cleaning and Litter Collection

Council trucks sweep the local streets once every two weeks and cleans car parks and shopping areas every day. Litter bins are placed in shopping centres, parks and reserves and are emptied regularly.


Our environment is affected by transport (aircraft, motor vehicles), industry, and household (stereos, barking dogs) noise. Our Environmental Health Officers investigate noise complaints and conduct regular checks on noisy equipment used by factories and households. Those found breaching the State's noise regulations can be fined or taken to court.

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