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Rockdale City Council has developed a number of projects and plans to protect, preserve and enhance our natural environment. In addition, relevant environmental services and initiatives across Council are designed to lessen the impact on the urban environment.

For news and information on the environment and what Council is doing to help, click on the links below. Don’t forget to visit the range of fact sheets on how individuals, the community and businesses can help the environment.

Rockdale Biodiversity Strategy: Volume 1 and Volume 2
Southern Sydney Regional Fox Group
Wild Things
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Multilingual Environment Information - Bushland, Wetland and Coast
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Cooks River Alliance
Georges River Combined Council Committee
Restoration of Grey-headed Flying-fox roosting habitat at Wolli Creek
Landing Lights Wetland Restoration
The City of Rockdale's own Bird Watching Group 'The Rockdale Flock'
Rockdale's Bushland and Wetland Areas
Stormwater Pollution
Sydney Coastal Councils Group
Georges River Coastal Zone Management Plan

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Courses Education Waste Avoidance Resource Recovery
Energy and Greenhouse Fact Sheet
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Lower Cooks River Ecological Report Card 2008
Reducing Stormwater Pollution

Rockdale Bushcare Program
The aim of the Rockdale Bushcare Program is to regenerate, protect and preserve urban bushland areas within Rockdale City's LGA through the support and management of volunteers for the enjoyment of future generations. The objectives of the Program are to:

  • Enhance biodiversity conservation through the improved long-term protection and management of remnant native vegetation;
  • Produce an integrated, co-operative and strategic approach to managing and conserving native vegetation;
  • Empower the community to take some responsibility for managing native vegetation in an ecologically sustainable way;
  • Proved training and supervision to increase the skills and knowledge of volunteers and ensure that their activities are in accordance with Council's objectives, policies and procedures, legislative responsibilities and best-practice bush regeneration principles;
  • Increase communities' awareness of their impacts of living near native bushland areas;
  • Increase communities' awareness about the environmental and noxious weeds present within the Rockdale City LGA;
  • Educate the wider community about the importance of protecting our natural resources;
  • Obtain external funding and manage grant projects;
  • Share resources between Rockdale City Council, other organisations and groups;
  • Improve the quality of community life through increased social interaction and sharing of information; and
  • Improve the effectiveness of bushland management within Rockdale City's LGA by complementing bush regeneration works undertaken by Council, other agencies and contractors.

The meeting dates and location details of Rockdale Bushcare Program working bees are:
- Lambert Road Reserve - 2nd Friday of the month 9am-12pm - the entrance to the reserve is next to 4 Lambert Road or 75 Darley Road, Bardwell Park
- Hawthorne Street - 2nd Saturday of the month, 9am-12pm - meet at Leo Smith Reserve at the corner of tennis courts near walking track, Ramsgate
- Binnamittalong Gardens - 3rd Saturday of the month, 9am-12pm - meet at the end of Veron Road, Bexley
- Stotts Reserve - 4th Saturday of the month, 9am-12pm - meet next to 156 Kingsland Road North, Bexley North

Activities include: weed treatment and removal, revegetation, fauna surveys and seed collection. No previous experience is necessary. Feel free to drop in at any of our working bees or if you would like to register as a volunteer or would like more information, please contact Council's Environmental Strategy Unit.
Phone: 9562 1703 - Email: - Address: PO Box 21, Rockdale, NSW 2216

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