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What We Can Do - Soil and Water

Builders and developers have a legal obligation* not to pollute stormwater systems.

Sand, soil, cement slurry, paint and other building materials that enter our waterways kill fish and aquatic plants, silt up streams and block stormwater pipes, leading to increased flooding.

Due to the high number of construction sites, even small amounts of pollution from each site is enough to cause significant damage to our waterways.

Rockdale City Council and the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) can issue notices and penalties on building and construction sites to protect the environment.

There are three kinds of notices - Clean Up Notices, Prevention Notices and Prohibition Notices, and Council and the EPA keep a public register of all companies and individuals who are issued notices.

In addition, there are three levels of offences that apply to building and construction sites if they pollute the environment. Tier Three offences are dealt with by the issuing of a penalty infringement notice (similar to a speeding fine). Tier Two offences have a maximum penalty of $250,000 for a corporation and $120,000 for an individual.

A Tier One offence, for serious environmental harm, could result in seven years imprisonment and a penalty of up to $1 million.

The following Fact Sheets, available in PDF Format, will help you 'Do It Right On-Site':

'Do It Right On-Site'- Introduction (PDF Format/119k)
1. Diversion of Upslope Water (PDF Format/166k)
2. Dust Control (PDF Format/528k)
3. Early installation of Roof Drainage (PDF Format/853k)
4. Excavation Pump Out (PDF Format/209k)
5. Protected Concrete, Brick and Tile Cutting (PDF Format/260k)
6. Protected Concrete Delivery (PDF Format/645k)
7. Protected Service Trenches (PDF Format/370k)
8. Protected Stockpiles (PDF Format/551k)
9. Protected Wash Areas (PDF Format/562k)
10. Protected Waste Management and Chemical Storage (PDF Format/104k)
11. Protecting Vegetation (PDF Format/725k)
12. Protection of Gutter and Street Stormwater Drains (PDF Format/282k)
13. Protection of Site Stormwater Pits (PDF Format/544k)
14. Sediment Controls (PDF Format/494k)
15. Soil and Water Management Plans (PDF Format/166k)
16. Stabilised Site Access (PDF Format/257k)

* Under the NSW Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997, it is an offence for anyone to let any substance other than rainwater enter a waterway, including the stormwater system.

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