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Everyone enjoys a little peace and quiet, especially when they are relaxing at home. Neighbourhood noise can be annoying - particularly if it is excessively loud, occurs often, and/or happens for long periods at a time.

Noise complaints are one of the most common reasons why people contact their local council. This information will help you define 'unacceptable' noise levels and provide guidelines for taking action when neighbourhood noise annoys.

In residential areas, actually making unacceptable noise is not 'an offence'. The offence is to continue to make the noise after being informed that it is offensive.

So in the first instance, discuss the noise with the neighbour involved, because they might not even be aware that they are causing a problem.

If this approach fails to solve a recurring noise problem, ask a professional mediator from the Community Justice Centre to help resolve the situation.

Should neither approach work, Council can issue a notice or take legal action. Proceeding with legal action requires all people affected by the noise to testify in court.

Private legal action is another option, which should be discussed with the Chamber Magistrate at the local court or your solicitor.

Who to contact

Rockdale City Council's Customer Service Centre
Phone: 1300 581 299

Community Justice Centre
Dispute Resolution Services
Phone: 9228 7455

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