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Reducing Stormwater Pollution

"Know where it goes" demonstration

The City of Rockdale is located on the foreshores of Botany Bay, between two major rivers, the Cooks River in the north and the Georges River in the south. When pollution is washed through our stormwater system, it travels to these rivers and flows directly into Botany Bay. Council is committed to improving stormwater management in the City.

Pollution Control Devices I Education I What You Can Do

Pollution Control Devices

A number of different pollution control devices have been put in place around the City, including:

  • Litter Booms: A floating boom with a hanging mesh skirt, these devices are placed across channels or creeks to collect floating rubbish or suspended pollutants.
  • Trash Racks: A series of metal bars located across a channel or pipe, these devices trap large litter and debris such as plastic bottles, cans, leaves and branches.
  • Litterguard Devices: A wire 'basket' type device, these are installed into stormwater pits to capture leaves, silt, litter and other pollutants.
  • Sediment Traps: Actually a pond built within a waterway, these devices trap coarse sediment upstream before it can enter a receiving water, and are often used in conjunction with a trash rack.
  • Gross Pollutant Traps (GPTs): Some GPTs are located 'in-line' within a stormwater pipe and are built below the ground, while others are located at stormwater pipe outlets. As well as removing litter and large particles of sediments, GPTs help remove pollutants such as nutrients, heavy metals and organic compounds which are carried by finer sediments.


Education is crucial to developing awareness, increasing knowledge, teaching skills and changing attitudes. It facilitates behavioural change and environmentally responsible practices. Council's environmental education focuses on schools, community and industry within the City.

Council has a dedicated environmental education program visiting local primary schools. Students are provided with a 40-minute environmental education session covering many different environmental issues, such as water and air pollution. The program is designed to encourage the students to take the lessons they have learnt at school home to their families.

What you can do

All residents, business owners and visitors to the City can contribute to improving our stormwater management. Find out how you can help Keep Our Waterways Clean.

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