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Waste and Disposal Tips

In many cases the materials you place out for collection as rubbish can be recycled or reused rather than being disposed of. Toys, crockery, clothing and electrical items can easily find a new home. Below is a list of some of the organisations that will take your unwanted materials and reuse or recycle them.

Reverse Garbage
Accepts reusable industrial refuse, furniture, computers, toys and other household items. 132 Addison Road, Marrickville. Tel: 9569 3132

The Bower
Accepts good quality reusable items, but does not accept mattresses, books, clothes, ovens, washing machines or computers. Tel: 9568 6280

The Smith Family
Accepts good quality clothing, household items and furniture. Tel: 9586 4996 or 9550 7166

St Vincent de Paul
Accepts good quality clothing, small household items, books, furniture and bric-a-brac. Tel: 9580 2459

SIMS Metal
Accepts scrap metal and will even pay for disposing of it. Tel: 9774 8700

Trolley Trackers
Removes only dumped shopping trolleys. Tel: 1800 641 497

Sita Rockdale Waste & Recycling Centre
Accepts unlimited amounts of metal items, cardboard, paper and recyclable plastic, glass bottles and containers. The Centre also accepts limited quantities of other materials from each person: car and truck batteries, whitegoods. Prices are quoted for recycling paint. Click here for more information.

Sita Lucas Heights Waste & Recycling Centre
Accepts the same materials as Rockdale Transfer Station. New Illawarra Road, Lucas Heights Monday to Friday 6am–4pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am–5pm. Tel: 1300 651 116

Yahoo Freecycle Website
Yahoo Groups is a free website where people with similar interest can contact each other. The Yahoo Freecycle Group allows people from the Southern Suburbs of Sydney to give away for free items that they don’t need anymore so that they can be reused rather than thrown away. You can access this group through this link:

Clothing Bins
There are clothing bins throughout the City of Rockdale including around many libraries and churches. These bins allow you to give clean unwanted clothing to charity.

Asbestos Wastes
For information on disposing asbestos you can call the Department of Environment and Climate Change Pollution Line on 131 555 or email or Council’s Waste Education Officer on 9562 1533

Waste & Disposal Websites

Safe Disposal of Household Chemicals
Clean out your household's chemical clutter the right way with CleanOut - a FREE service for the safe disposal of a range of common household chemicals.  Household chemicals can be taken to various temporary CleanOut drop-off centres  throughout the year. For more information visit

Minimise Hazardous Household Chemicals
Keep your home healthy and green by reducing and minimising your family’s exposure to hazardous household chemicals. Visit for safer alternatives for use in the home, in the garden and DIY renovation.

Old Medicines
Return your old and unwanted medicines to any pharmacy for free and safe disposal. Visit or call 1300 650 835.

Mobile Phone Recycling
MobileMuster is the official recycling program of the mobile phone industry.  Visit or call 1300 730 070.

Oil Recycling tells you how to correctly dispose of your used oil, uses for recycled oil and effects that used oil can have on the environment. Also features a directory to find your nearest used oil drop-off station, used oil collector and used oil recycler.

Other Useful Websites
Not sure if it can be recycled? Visit and search for local recycling information either by Council area or product. Also has information about other recycling programs.

Visit and stay up-to-date on all the latest recycling programs. NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change SITA Australia Visy Packaging and Recycling company





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