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General Kerbside Clean Up Service

Clean Up Service I How to ensure your Clean Up material is collected I Council will collect I Council will NOT collect I Collection volume limits I How to place your unwanted items out for collection I

Clean Up Service

Each household is entitled to four general waste Clean Ups per year, the cost of which is included in the annual domestic waste management levy shown on your rates.

If you need to find out the date of your next scheduled Clean Up, please call Council's Customer Service Centre on 1300 581 299 and provide the Customer Service Officer with your name and address. Council also sends an information booklet on its waste services and a fridge magnet detailing the Clean Up dates for their zone to every household every year. While the dates for your Green Waste Drop Off Service are available, Council does not publish Clean Up dates online as in the past, this has led to increased levels of illegal rubbish dumping. If you do not have your fridge magnet, you can find out your Zone number and request the same from Council's Customer Service Centre to be mailed out to you.

A maximum of three cubic metres of materials will be collected by Council per Clean Up. Any extra rubbish will be left behind. If you require additional Clean Ups (that is, more than the four per year provided) you can order an on-call general waste collection for an up-front fee.

How to Ensure Your Clean Up Material is Collected

  • Only three cubic metres per house will be collected, approximately one box trailer load. Any extra rubbish will be left behind. You will then have 48 hours to remove it. If the rubbish is not removed it will be treated as illegally dumped material. Penalties may apply.
  • All Clean Up rubbish for collection should be placed on your kerbside no earlier than the Sunday afternoon before your collection begins.
  • Please place all of your rubbish neatly on the outer edge of the nature strip in front of your property, not in rear lane ways, not in the gutter and not blocking pedestrian or vehicular access.
  • White goods are collected with general waste and recycled.
  • Remove all doors, hinges and locks off whitegoods or furniture.
  • Put small items in a bag or box.

If for any reason you are not able to comply with these instructions please ring 9562 1666

Any material placed on the kerb before or after your scheduled Clean Up date will be regarded as illegally dumped rubbish, which is subject to fines from $750

Council will collect

  • General household items such as furniture and appliances.
  • Storage cabinets and other similar items with doors, hinges and locks removed.
  • Branches that are no thicker than 300mm and no longer than 1.2m.
  • Fence palings.
  • Small amounts of carpet (limit one average sized room). Carpet must be rolled up and safely lifted by two people. Additional bulky whitegoods can be collected separately by arrangement.

Council will NOT collect

  • Heavy items which cannot be safely lifted by two people.
  • Material exceeding three cubic metres - approximately one box trailer load.
  • Toxic/hazardous/dangerous waste.
  • Gas cylinders.
  • Hazardous liquid including paint, oil, petrol, acid.
  • Branches thicker than 300mm and/or longer than 1.2m.
  • Thorny branches including roses and palm tree fronds.
  • Cast iron bath tubs.
  • Railway sleepers that are longer than 1.2m.
  • Building material including bricks, tiles, concrete blocks, sawdust, sand, soil, or fine particles like cement mix.
  • Large glass items including shower screens, mirrors and windows.
  • Food waste/garbage.
  • Asbestos.
  • Fibreglass sheeting.
  • Guttering that is longer than 1.2m.
  • Concrete tubs.
  • Structural steel.
  • Water pipe that is longer than 1.2m.
  • Motor vehicle doors, engine parts, tyres, batteries.
  • Material placed out after Council has cleared your
  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Tyres

For more information regarding how to safely dispose of the above items, please visit Waste and Disposal Tips

Collection Volume Limits

  • Up to 3 cubic metres of general waste, or
  • Up to 3 cubic metres of garden waste

How to Place Your Unwanted Items Out for Collection

To prepare your green waste for collection you will need to:

  • Place branches (no longer than 1.2 metres long and no thicker than 300mm) and twigs in bundles and tied on a separate pile (no more than 3 cubic metres) which can be lifted by one person.
  • Place lawn clippings, leaves and weeds in a rigid container which can be lifted by one person. (We will not take the container).

Please note that trees within Rockdale City Council's boundaries are protected by a Tree Preservation Order and ring-barking, cutting down, topping or lopping of trees without Council's permission is illegal.

Council cannot collect items within the household boundary. All items should be placed on the nature strip outside your house or unit the night before collection. Do not obstruct the pedestrian walkway with any item.

We made an explanatory video on our General Clean Up Service which you can view below:

Alternatively you may wish to download the 2017 Waste and Cleansing Guide (PDF format)

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