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E Waste

E-Waste drop off Georges River Council (Hurstville)

Residents, small businesses and schools can drop off accepted items to the Georges River Council Works Depot, Depot Road, Mortdale - Saturday from 8am to 12pm. Check the Georges River Council website to confirm the opening dates and times.

  • Participants must follow Council staff directions when visiting the site and assist in removing the recycling form their vehicles
  • It is your responsibility to delete all data from your devices
  • Rockdale City Council does not take any responsibility for any loss or damage incurred by improper use of personal or confidential information which may be contained on computer hard drives or components at the time of disposal

Other FREE drop off services & locations - TV's, Computers

Remondis Australia Pioneer Waste - Taren Point

The Remondis Waste & Recycling facility is located in Taren Point (just 5 minutes south of Captain Cook Bridge).

The site accepts a wide range of materials including e-waste. Many of the items are accepted free of charge but fees apply to some items. Please call or check their website for up to date information on the materials accepted and opening times. Contact details are listed below.

  • Phone: (02) 9526 2642
  • Website:
  • Email:

Selected Suez Resource Recovery Facilities

Suez have installed bins to accept e-waste in Sydney at selected resource recovery sites. You can drop off free-of-charge selected household and small business e-waste items at:

  • Lucas Heights Resource Recovery Park - New Illawarra Road, Lucas Heights
  • Chullora Resource Recovery Park - Crozier Road, Belrose NSW

The following products will be accepted free of charge

  • All televisions, such as CRTs, Plasma, LCD and Projection televisions
  • Personal Computers
  • Laptops, notebooks, palmtops and tablets
  • Computer monitors
  • Parts for personal computers - including hard drives, motherboards, cards, internal power supplies, CPUs, DVD and CD drives
  • Computer peripherals - including mice, keyboards, joysticks, game pads, scanners and web cameras
  • Printers - including ink-jet, dot matrix, laser printers and multi-functional devices

Under no circumstances will products be returned once disposed of. A limit of 15 items per drop off applies. For opening hours and acceptance criteria please call 1300 651 116 or go to

Officeworks Computer Recycling Initiative

Officeworks Bring it Back (Computer Recycling Initiative) aims to keep old computers and computing accessories out of landfill. Officeworks Bring it Back Initiative does not accept televisions.

There are 97 collection sites around the Country. Customers can deposit up to 5 items of computer systems.

  • The following products will be accepted free of charge
    • Desktop Computers
    • Laptops
    • Computer monitors
    • Printers
    • Scanners
    • Keyboards
    • Computer power supplies
    • Printed circuit boards
    • Motherboards
    • Network cards
    • Disk and CD drives

    For more details including drop off locations visit

    For more information on e-waste recycling and the National Television and Recycling Scheme please visit

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