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Steel Can Steve Ad

Steel Can Steve is Council's newest recycling mascot. He is roughly 15cm tall and made of 100% pure steel.

Steve was the star of a 30-second animated recycling cinema ad that was seen playing before various blockbuster movies at most Hoyts and Greater Union cinemas across Sydney.

Click on the play button to see the ad below



  1. Rinse your empty steel cans.
  2. Your steel cans can be placed directly into your yellow-lidded recycling bin.
  3. Recycling is hand sorted so be careful not to contaminate your bin with non-recyclable items.
  4. Your steel can will be recycled into something else made out of steel.

Did you know:

Steel is 100% recyclable, which means its lifecycle is continuous and can be reused again and again and again. Despite this, each year Australians throw away enough steel to rebuild the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Recycling steel cans helps to protect our environment in three ways:

  1. It saves natural resources.
  2. It saves energy.
  3. It reduces landfill.

How to increase your recycling at home?

Step 1:

First identify which household products are made of steel. If you are unsure if a product is made out of steel, or it doesn't have a recyclable logo printed on the label, the easiest way to test to see if it is steel is to use a fridge magnet and try sticking it to the can. If the magnet sticks it's probably made out of steel.

Step 2:

Walk around your home, school or office and make a note of where aerosol and steel cans are being most frequently used. Items may miss out on being recycled if a recycling bin isn't conveniently close. Placing extra recycling boxes or containers around the home and garden will ensure easier recycling.

How To Recycle Steel Cans

  1. Empty contents - take the lid completely off.
  2. Rinse.
  3. Put the lid inside the can - including jam-jar lids and bottle tops.
  4. Squeeze the top - squeeze the can at the top to save space in your recycling bin. It also stops the lids from falling out of the can.
  5. Place it into your kerbside recycling bin.

How To Recycle Paint Cans (Water or Oil-based)

  1. Brush any leftover paint onto newspaper. Let it dry and throw newspaper into red-lidded Garbage & Organics Recovery Bin.
  2. Paint Cans: Allow the paint left within can to dry thoroughly, then place it into your yellow-lidded recycling bin.

How to Recycle Aerosol Cans

  1. Remove the large plastic top and place the can in your yellow-lidded recycling bin.
  2. Do not squash or puncture aerosol cans.
  3. Place into your yellow-lidded recycling bin.

How To Recycle Cooking Oil Cans

  1. Drain excess oil from can.
  2. Remove any easily removable plastic fittings such as stoppers and plugs.
  3. Place into your yellow-lidded recycling bin.

It's that easy!


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