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Junior and Youth Adult Library

Rockdale Junior and Young Adult Library welcomes you to a world of adventure, fantasy, horror and romance!

Hey kids, come and see us at Rockdale City's Junior Library, ground floor at 448 Princes Highway, Rockdale. We've got stacks of stories and information to go! There's books, videos, cassettes and audio books.

These libraries have storytime every week. There's often films, craft and other fun stuff on too.

  • Rockdale - Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 11am
  • Bexley North - Thursdays at 11am
  • Sans Souci - Fridays at 11am
  • Arncliffe - Fridays at 11am

At the Rockdale and Arncliffe libraries, you can play computer games on our cool iMacs. These computers are just for kids!

Before you go .... don't forget to email us!

Have your say in what the Library buys!

Who is your favourite author?

  • What is your favourite series?
  • Let us know so we can order the books you want!

Is it Animorphs or X-Files? Do you wish you went to Sweet Valley High? Do you give yourself Goosebumps?

Boot up your software cyberkids and send me your views.


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