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Rockdale City Council's Road Safety Program

Rockdale City Council has responsibility for an extensive road network that includes 281km of roads which link to the Sydney Airport and provide links to Port Botany from Sydney’s western regions. The majority of roads are local roads under Council control. However, classified roads, under RMS control, carry high volumes of traffic.

Increasing numbers of people moving through the area, high numbers of older residents, young people, visitors and high levels of cultural diversity, are factors that may contribute to an increased risk of a crash on the road network.

Rockdale City Council has been involved with the Local Government Road Safety Program since 1994, with the employment of a Road Safety Officer. Education programs and strategies are developed about several road safety issues including:


Drink Driving

Pedestrian Safety

Bicycle Safety

Motorcycle Safety

Occupant Restraints

Young and Learner Drivers

Road Safety Around Schools

Top 10 Misunderstood Road Rules




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