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Drink Driving

Alcohol is a drug which affects your skills, mood and behaviour. Just a few drinks increases your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) and as your BAC increases, so does your risk of being involved in a crash:
0.05 - double the risk
0.08 - 7 times the risk
0.15 - 25 times the risk

Other drugs also impair your driving and mixing one drug with another, or mixing alcohol with other drugs, dramatically increases your risk of crashing.

Getting Home Safely

Driving is dangerous when you’re affected by alcohol and/or drugs.

When you’re coming down or sobering up - even the next day - your driving may still be affected.

If you are affected by drugs or alcohol:

  • Use public transport or a taxi.
  • Get a lift with someone who has not been drinking or using drugs.
  • Let people know where you are by taking your mobile or a phonecard.
  • Stay at a friend’s house.
  • Tell a friend or let someone know if you’ve taken drugs and don’t feel right to drive.
  • Sleep it off before you even think about driving

Licensed Premises Taxi Register

Council has joined forces with the St George Local Police, the St George Liquor Accord, Kogarah City Council and St George Cabs to improve the accessibility of taxis during peak times.

Each participating licensee with the St George Liquor Accord will be provided with a booklet of Taxi Registration forms for venue patrons.

Patrons wishing to catch a cab home from the various venues will be able to fill out a form with their identification. The venue will then keep those records to ensure that both the patron and the cabs are getting a fair deal.

"The purpose of this trial is to encourage people not to drink and drive and take a cab instead," the Mayor of the City of Rockdale said.

"The St George Liquor Accord Taxi Register scheme has been put in place to provide better accessibility to cabs during peak periods and provide our dedicated local taxi service with the confidence that they will get a fairer deal."

Local venues participating in the Taxi Register scheme are:

  • Bardwell Valley Golf Club
  • Bexley North Hotel
  • Gecko Bar Restaurant, Brighton Le Sands
  • Intersection Tavern
  • Kingsgrove RSL
  • Novotel, Brighton Beach
  • Royal Hotel, Carlton
  • St George Leagues Club
  • St George Tavern, Rockdale

Should you have any enquiries regarding the Taxi Register scheme, please contact Council’s Road Safety Officer on 9562 1701.

Useful Links on Drink Driving

The RMS’s drink driving campaign, ‘Brain’, shows the affect just a few beers can have on your brain’s ability to respond to emergencies. Click on the link to see the Drinking & Driving - The Facts booklet



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